Airbrush Makeup in Duluth MN

Oh my these wedding photos of our bride are amazing..I love when we “meet” new photographers like Aqua Fox Photography from Duluth MN…her bridal photos are perfect…

I love our airbrush makeup team at Captivating Beauty…we’ve heard from more then one photographer that they love airbrush makeup on their brides…..

Wedding Photographer – Aqua Fox Photography

Airbrush Makeup & Wedding Hair – Captivating Beauty

Airbrush Makeup at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN

What a lovely, lovely bride we had at Grandview Lodge for an early spring wedding. Thankfully this Central MN weather held off so Erin Rae Photography could capture these beautiful photos before the down pour.

Our team headed out early in the Morning for Grandview Lodge to work with the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids…thankfully we finished a little early so Erin could shoot a few photos of the love between this bride and groom

Wedding Venue: Grandview Lodge

Wedding Flowers: Bloom Designs

Wedding Airbrush Makeup: Captivating Beauty

7 Helpful Tips While Planning your Bridal Hair and Makeup

7 Helpful Tips While Planning your Bridal Hair and Makeup 

Here are a few things to think about:

  • How do you normally wear your hair?  What makes you feel most comfortable wearing it up or down? Romantic, soft & down to earth, classic, or glamorous?  
  • Think about when you get the most compliments? How is your hair styled? What makes you feel your best?
  • What if you don’t wear makeup everyday? We always recommend wearing some makeup. We can do a no makeup/makeup look and keep it very minimal. All of our Brides want to look like themselves but just a little more enhanced not “made up” for their big day.  
  • Take into consideration what time of day you are getting married? Is it earlier in the day or evening by candlelight? This should also determine how you wear your makeup.
  • What is your dress style? Is it romantic, glamorous, hippy, boho or structured? What is your backline? If it’s detailed and over the top beautiful you might want to show it off:)  
  • What time of year are you getting married? This can make a huge difference on how you wear your hair and makeup. Think our MN hot humid, gorgeous summers or our cold wintery MN weather.
  • Keep all of this in mind while planning your hair and makeup look.

Wedding Photos:  Tim Larsen Photography

Bridal Hair and Makeup: Captivating Beauty

The Simple Process of Booking Bridal Airbrush Makeup in Brainerd MN

It is a very simple booking process for Bridal Hair & Airbrush Makeup in Brainerd MN!

  • Most contact us via our Contact Form here. Otherwise we are just a phone call away…I personally answer the phone.. I don’t know about you, but I love to get a human voice when I call places.
  • We will then check our availability and get back with you asap! We book up very quickly just to give you the heads up:) If you do not hear back from us within 24 hrs that means we didn’t get it…
  • After you’ve paid the $100 deposit you are booked and your date is reserved. Without a deposit we cannot hold the date.
  • It is up to the you the bride to contact us 2 months prior to your wedding for a trial run date if you would like one. We recommend a few days to a couple of weeks before your wedding. Everything is fresh in both of our minds. Plus your hair & skin tone will be the same as on your wedding day.
  • Trial runs are paid for at the time of service.  They are included in the contract so our brides can have the total cost of the services, but are paid for the day of the Trial Run
  • At the trial run our artist will confirm all the details for your big day.

Britt DeZeeuw Photography

Captivating Beauty – Bridal Hair and Airbrush Makeup

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

  • Make sure you carve out enough time to get ready…Your hair and makeup artists are experts in scheduling the right amount of time…flexibility is key!! Please trust us in this.  
  • I can’t stress this enough.  Over scheduling causes way more stress than what it’s worth.  All we need is someone in our chair at all times. Period  🙂   
  • Make sure everyone’s hair is dry, face clean, which means all the mascara, eyeliner from the night before is removed.
  • Please DON’T change locations while getting ready for your big day. It always takes more time than a person thinks to move all the hair & makeup products from one location to another…..even if it’s in another hotel room:)
  • Have your Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist come on site. 99.9% of all our wedding services are On Location. This saves everybody time, stress, driving, parking and makes for an all around peaceful day for everyone.
  • Make sure you delegate others to help you…this is your day to relax and be pampered…plus everyone loves to help.
  • Please make sure the makeup artist has a stool & a high table for all her wedding makeup. Hair artists need a chair and table for all their goodies, a mirror and a source of electricity for both. A room with natural lighting would be best to work in if at all possible.
  • Please wash your hair the night before unless your hair artist tells you otherwise. If your hair is oily, greasy or stringy please wash your hair the day of the wedding.  🙂
  • Please trust the professionals they have years of experience and are looking out for you the bride’s best interest.
  • We have been to all the local wedding venues which brings the bride from out-of-town peace of mind since everything is familiar to us.


Tim Larsen Photography

Captivating Beauty – Bridal Hair & Makeup