The Simple Process of Booking Bridal Airbrush Makeup in Brainerd MN

It is a very simple booking process for Bridal Hair & Airbrush Makeup in Brainerd MN!

  • Most contact us via our Contact Form here. Otherwise we are just a phone call away…I personally answer the phone.. I don’t know about you, but I love to get a human voice when I call places.
  • We will then check our availability and get back with you asap! We book up very quickly just to give you the heads up:) If you do not hear back from us within 24 hrs that means we didn’t get it…
  • After you’ve paid the $100 deposit you are booked and on the schedule. Without a deposit we can not hold the date. Some brides wait for months after checking with us and then desire to book. Sometimes it has been too late. We try really hard to fit everyone in, but some dates are extremely popular and we can not. I so wish we could!
  • It is up to the you the bride to contact us for a trial if you would like one. We recommend a few days to a couple of weeks before your wedding. Everything is fresh in both of our minds. Plus your hair & skin tone will be the same as on your wedding day.
  • On a side note trial runs are paid for at that time of service.  They are included in the contract so our brides can have the total cost with nothing hidden, but are paid for the day of the Trial Run
  • At the trial our artist will confirm all the details for your big day.

I really believe in great communication. We’ll check along the way to make sure  everything is going as smoothly as possible!

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Captivating Beauty – Bridal Hair and Airbrush Makeup

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

  • Make sure you carve out enough time to get ready…Your hair and makeup artists are experts in scheduling the right amount of time…flexibility is key!! Please trust us in this.  
  • I can’t stress this enough over scheduling causes way more stress than what’s it’s worth.  All we need is someone in our chair at all times. Period:)   
  • Make sure everyone’s hair is dry, face clean, which means all the mascara, eyeliner from the night before is removed.
  • Please DON’T change locations while getting ready for your big day. It always takes more time then a person thinks to move all the hair & makeup products from one location to another…..even if it’s in another hotel room:)
  • Have your Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist come on site. 99.9% of all our wedding services are On Location. This saves everybody time, stress, driving, parking and makes for an all around peaceful day for everyone
  • Make sure you delegate others to help you…this is your day to relax and be pampered…Plus everyone loves to help
  • Please make sure the makeup artist has a stool & a high table for all her wedding makeup plus natural lighting if at all possible. Hair artists need a chair and table for all their goodies, a mirror and a source of electricity for both. 
  • Please wash your hair the night before unless your hair artist tells you otherwise. If your hair is oily, greasy or stringy please wash your hair the day of:)
  • Please trust the professionals they have years of experience and are looking out for you the bride’s best interest.
  • We have been to all the local wedding venues which brings the bride peace of mind since everything is familiar to us.


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Captivating Beauty – Bridal Hair & Makeup

How To Prep for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

How To Prep for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup are one of the main questions we commonly hear from brides in the Brainerd Lakes area?

To be well prepared we ask that you come with a button up white shirt and day old hair if possible.

If you need to wash the day of that’s alright just put some mousse or gel in your beautiful locks after you wash to give your hair a little extra holding power. Then make sure you dry your hair completely as this is key in weatherproofing your hair.

For your skin – wash and cleanse with the recommended products leading up to the big day for that glow we all long for. The day of the wedding cleanse your skin only and do it well.

Make sure all of your makeup is removed thoroughly and do not use any products at all on your skin. Our experts will apply what they need to help your look last all day and well into the night.

Make sure your bridesmaids follow the same guidlines


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Wedding Hair and Airbrush Makeup Captivating Beauty

Wedding Hair & Airbrush Makeup at Craguns Resort

WE love what we do…which is On Site Wedding Hair & Airbrush Makeup for our beautiful brides and their wedding party. We love our brides and we love when they leave us a sweet, kind review..The beautiful scenery at Craguns Resort on Gull Lake is breathtaking…We are totally in love with these wedding photos of our bride by Whitney b Photography

“The Captivating-Beauty team was a blast to work with…so happy I stumbled across them for bridal hair/make-up!! Tracy (the owner) is simply amazing… so sweet, accommodating, and not to mention an amazing make-up artist. Melissa was my hair stylist and she was amazing as well. The whole team is fabulous – used them for my whole bridal party’s hair and make-up (which wasn’t small)…they came out to our little cabin bright and early and did their magic. Stuck to the timeline and were a blast to have. I hope to cross paths with Tracy again sometime in the future!”

Yes, bright and early at 6am…we arrived at Craguns to begin our 20 services. We had to be done by 10:30 and we made it…..Leah was so happy….and the outcome…all I can say is our bride was breathtakingly beautiful…so kind and calm…you couldn’t ask for a nicer bride


Airbrush Makeup for Brides in Brainerd

Airbrush Makeup is the number one choice for brides. We’ve had a number of brides whose first experience with airbrush makeup was in our chair:) They were amazed at how light it felt. I think they were expecting it to feel really heavy instead they were pleasantly surprised. Airbrush makeup is also buildable. If the bride desires a little more coverage without looking cakey this can be done with airbrush makeup. That’s the sweet thing about airbrush makeup, it can give sheer to full coverage. It’s up to the bride and of course we will give our humble opinion:) We would be doing a disservice if we didn’t:)

After years of providing makeup for brides and seeing their photos, we know what photographs well and what doesn’t…Ultimately it is up to the bride, but as I said..we’ve learned a lot throughout the years and have seen numerous photos that prove that is correct. We spoke with a local wedding photographer and this is what she had to say..”there is a marked difference between airbrush and traditional makeup and how it transposes in wedding photos.” From her stand point…airbrush makeup is the only way to go for brides…and if she could make the choice for all her brides…airbrush makeup would be it:)