On Site Wedding Hair and Makeup in St. Cloud

We were so happy that Megan our beautiful bride contacted us to provide wedding hair and makeup services last summer for her and her wedding party. Their wedding venue – Rolling Hills Event & Wedding Center in St. Cloud MN – was amazing. Their bridal Suite had such wonderful natural lighting and the grounds were simply gorgeous.

3 of us traveled On Site to perform 15 wedding hair styles and 7 wedding parties makeup….they desired a natural makeup look….but just a little more enhanced and I’d say our team delivered…they were so happy and looked stunning….

We also loved the mother of the bride and she left us such a sweet review!!

“I would recommend this service to all bridal parties! It was so nice to have Tracy and her team come to our venue. As the mom of the bride I was able to sit back and relax and enjoy watching everyone get ready. The team did a fantastic job with hair and make up. They worked quickly yet were able to do the most amazing hair and make up. I was totally unsure what I was going to do with my hair and Missy worked on it for maybe 5-10 minutes and I LOVED IT! Tons of compliments for the whole bridal party. The Bide was of course stunning! They were able to do 15 hair styles and 7 make ups all in the alloted time. Took away all the stress and made it fun. This is one of the best decisions we made when planning the wedding.”


Wedding Makeup in Brainerd MN

I thought we should talk a little bit about wedding makeup for brides in central Minnesota. We have been been providing bridal makeup for 5 years in Brainerd, Crosslake, Nisswa, St. Cloud, Duluth and the surrounding areas including the Mpls/St. Paul regions. That is over 600 faces and 130 weddings. Plus we have trainings every year to keep updated on new bridal trends etc..

Why change something that has proven itself over and over again for over 5 years and that includes our bridal foundation.  This is professional foundation that works and it works wonderful for our MN weather. We have utmost confidence in our products because they have stood the test of time and stood up to MN inclement weather..and as you know it can change at any time and will keep you on your toes..that’s the beauty of MN weddings…

Prepping the skin for bridal makeup is everything. We also have used the same primers because they work. It is just as important as the makeup itself if not more important. We use primers based on skin type and condition. One size does not fit all where prepping skin is concerned. The same with toners. We use skin toners that fit the skin type & condition.

If you want your wedding makeup to stay on all day…rest assured..our’s does..it’s been proven…

Wedding Photography: Sam Best Glumac

On Site Wedding Hair & Airbrush Makeup: Captivating Beauty


On Site Wedding Hair & Makeup with Tim Larsen Photography

Tim Larsen Photography has hit it out of the ball park again…we are in love with these wedding photos of our bride at Craguns Resort on Gull Lake..We loved everything about this bride….she was sweet, kind and beautiful…and loved her style….


How to Prepare your Hair for the Trial Run & Wedding Day

How to prepare your hair for your big day. This also includes bridesmaids hair. We’ve been asked these questions so many times so thought it was time to answer them and send them to all our future brides before their big day.

  1. Wash and condition your hair the night before your trial run. Day old hair is the best to work with. If your hair tends to get oily, stringy or greasy please wash the day of…
  2. Don’t use shampoos or conditioners with silicones. Silicones make your hair slippery and weighed down. Not the best thing for bridal hairstyles and updos. We need a little texture to give you the best results. You should apply or use a product that will give your hair texture and body. ( btw professional shampoos/conditioners make a world of difference)
  3. Please don’t use any hair serums or smoothing oils and creams. Again, this will weigh your hair down. If you desire long lasting curls, volume and teasing that last all day…..stay away from these products.
  4. Do not wear any elastics, scrunchies or hair clips the night before or the day of your appt. Those little indents can make it difficult for hair styling.
  5. Please don’t flat iron your hair the day of your appt or the night before.
  6. If you plan on using hair extensions on your wedding day – please bring them with you or have them in for your trial run.  Make sure they are clean, dry and brushed. Please Remember it cost extra for hair extension placement.
  7. If you don’t have thick or textured hair think about putting some hair extensions in and especially if the style you are wanting for your wedding require thick voluminous hair. 
  8. Please bring your veil or head piece for your trial run
  9. Make sure your hair is dry before your in the chair other wise there is an up charge:)
  10. Please let us know if anyone has extra long or thick hair…this helps in our scheduling the correct time frame
  11. Please send pictures of yourself and the bridal hair styles you are thining of for your wedding

Credits: stylefashionista,junebugweddings

Bridal Spray Tans

We specialize in spray tanning brides in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! There are so many things to plan for your wedding day that it is easy to miss a few things. One of them you don’t want to miss is your spray tan.  

Here are a few spray tanning tips to help you for your upcoming big day!

Trial Run

Our spray tanning studio offers all our brides a bridal package discount. We usually recommend to do your custom spray tan trial 3-6 weeks in advance before your wedding. This ensures enough time in between in case there is ever an issue you would have enough time for another trial run.

Wedding Day Tan

We recommend you spray tan 2-3 days before your wedding. If you are getting married on a Saturday you would come in on a Wednesday or Thursday. We are mobile so if you have 3 or more who would like a spray tan we can come to you.  Please get manicures, pedicures, and any waxing done prior to your spray tan. Your spray tan should be one of your last appointments.

Custom Spray Tans

We customize our spray tans to fit everyone’s skin tone. Since everyone has different skin tones you would be getting a spray tan suited for yourself not a “one size fits all.” Getting a custom organic based spray tan is going to ensure a natural looking result in your wedding photos. Airbrush Spray Tanning technicians also control the amount of solution on the hands, feet and other areas that need to appear more natural.

Keeping Your Dress Clear of Spray Tan!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that their spray tan doesn’t come off inside of your dress. There is always a possibility. Just like your wedding dress can get dirty during the reception and especially the bottom of your dress there is a chance some spray tan color will get on your wedding dress. The dry cleansers should have no problem getting the color off with the spray tanning solution we use.  

Aftercare has a lot to do with what you see on the inside of your dress. We know those last few days leading up to your wedding are very busy so doing a quick rinse might be all you do but that does not cut it! You need to make sure you do a good rinse off. What tends to come off on clothes is the instant bronzer which completely washes away once you shower. If you do not rinse off good enough (Especially under your arms) there is a chance a small amount can get off in the inside of your dress. This is also why we recommend 2-3 days before to make sure you rinse off enough.

Also on those hot days feel free to baby powder your underarms! If you put a little bit on before you slip into your dress this will also help it from coming off inside.


Credits: Aliexpress