A Quick Healthy Meal with a little history of my kids

Time for another easy, relatively healthy recipe. I’m not a purist by any sense of the word. I’ve cut out sugar for the most part, and most grains.

Since all my children are grown and mostly on their own, I’m liking the convenience foods a little bit more then when they were younger.

When they were young and I was their school teacher and mom, (I homeschooled my boys) I would grind my own flour with my Whisper Mill. Homemade bread, buns, soups etc…were on our table just about every night.

You talk about delicious. There is nothing better then hot bread right out of the oven with a slab of melted butter. YYuummm…

3 boys gooffing in ak

The sad thing is only one of my children liked my homemade bread. Even to this day not one of my kids will touch it. It used to just bug me that my nieces and nephews loved the stuff when my own kids didn’t:(

After all of my little history…here’s the recipe. Hope you enjoy

Here is another low-glycemic recipe. This taste so…………good and it’s one of those convenience meals that takes about 10 minutes to prepare..

easy meal with broccoli slaw and sausage

1 Bag of Broccoli Slaw

1 package of Johnson Split Rope Sausage (cut into bite size pieces)

Combine the 2 in frying pan with Coconut oil, add Amino Acids and Garlic Cracked Pepper….stir fry till done to your likeness.

Make your day Beautiful!


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