A Professional Wedding Photographers Take on Makeup!

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Captivating-Beauty invited an area wedding photographer and blogger, Laura from www.lauraradnieckiimages.com to share her insights on bridal makeup and photography. We thought all brides could benefit from the insights she has learned from her many years of wedding photography.

*What are some of the big oops that you’ve noticed time and time again?

A couple of things I’ve seen are:

– Not enough blending between the makeup of the face and the neck.

– Too noticeable of a different shade/color between the face and the neck/chest/shoulders etc.

– I love to photograph brides who have natural-looking false eye lashes on. I often will take photos of them looking down etc. A common oops I see is dried white eye-lash glue that is still visible usually from the top of the false eye lashes when their eyes are closed. Sometimes it’s even visible when the bride is looking straight ahead etc. So making sure all the glue has been covered in mascara or eye liner is important.

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*Should makeup be applied differently in natural light vs flash?

-The main difference between the two is the chance of shine/reflections that might show up on a bride’s face.

-When brides are being photographed outside in natural light, the light source [the sun/sky] is larger and further away from them.

-When a bride is being photographed with flash, especially when they’re indoors during the reception or the dance, the light source [the camera flash] is much closer to them. So the chance of having a reflection or shine on their face is greater.

-In order to protect against this, touching up on powder to combat shine before any indoor flash photography is a good idea. (This is why we offer a maintenance kit…it is absolutely necessary for beautiful pictures)

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-I think it’s really important to not have such dramatically different makeup from a normal day that you look nothing like yourself.

-Obviously, wedding day makeup is going to be more elaborate and applied more heavy than a bride would do her makeup on a normal day. But it should still look like a glammed up version of themselves.

-You don’t want to look so different than your normal self that you look like a stranger in the photos.

*What are the absolute yes’s?

-I’m sure most brides would agree but I think mascara is an absolute YES.

-I also think that powder to eliminate shine, especially in the warm summer months, and before indoor flash photography like I mentioned above, is very important.

I do think a couple important things that people forget about are:

– Crying and the impact it can have on not only their eye makeup but on their foundation.

– Sweating and the impact it can have on all their makeup (This is where a professional makeup artist comes in with her professional products. Proper skin prep is vital if the bride wants long lasting wear)

– Touch ups are important and crucial! Especially lip color/gloss too after lots of kissing in the photos. 🙂

(Again, proper maintenance is key for beautiful pictures…I have lip color that is PATENTED Kiss-Proof, Water-Proof, Long-Lasting plus a maintenance kit both of these issues she has touched on and has noticed time and again with her brides)

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Thank you Laura for giving us your take on makeup and photography. Professional services with professional products that have stood the test of time will guarantee beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime.

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Laura Radniecki is an inspirational blogger and Minnesota commercial, family + wedding photographer, specializing in Celebratory Story-telling.
She is married to her high school sweetheart, Matt, and obsessed with their feisty toy poddle, Remy. She also has wild dreams of traveling the country in an RV and being the youngest Snow Bird in Minnesota history.
Laura blogs about photography and living with intention at www.lauraradniecki.com. Her photography work can be found at www.lauraradnieckiimages.com.


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