Airbrush Makeup for Brides in Brainerd

Airbrush Makeup is the number one choice for brides. We’ve had a number of brides whose first experience with airbrush makeup was in our chair:) They were amazed at how light it felt. I think they were expecting it to feel really heavy instead they were pleasantly surprised. Airbrush makeup is also buildable. If the bride desires a little more coverage without looking cakey this can be done with airbrush makeup. That’s the sweet thing about airbrush makeup, it can give sheer to full coverage. It’s up to the bride and of course we will give our humble opinion:) We would be doing a disservice if we didn’t:)

After years of providing makeup for brides and seeing their photos, we know what photographs well and what doesn’t…Ultimately it is up to the bride, but as I said..we’ve learned a lot throughout the years and have seen numerous photos that prove that is correct. We spoke with a local wedding photographer and this is what she had to say..”there is a marked difference between airbrush and traditional makeup and how it transposes in wedding photos.” From her stand point…airbrush makeup is the only way to go for brides…and if she could make the choice for all her brides…airbrush makeup would be it:)