Airbrush Makeup the Best Choice for Brides!

mackenzie bride from pinepeaks 8This blog is going to be short and sweet today, but will give you something to think about if you are trying to decide if you want to spend the extra money on wedding day airbrush makeup.  I was visiting with a local wedding photographer and she said there is a marked difference between airbrush and traditional makeup and how it transposes in wedding photos. From a wedding photographers stand point…airbrush makeup is the only way to go for brides…and if she could make the choice for all her brides…airbrush makeup would be the only way to go….

She has pictures to prove it and is going to share them with us in a few months when things slow down a little bit. Side by side comparisons are the best way to get an accurate picture of why airbrush makeup is the best choice for brides… stay tuned…..

Next week we will be sharing about the differences between airbrush and traditional makeup


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