Airbrush Spray Tanning in Baxter MN

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All products are: • Organic Based • Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Orange Free

Welcome to our new little Spray Tanning Studio located in Baxter/Brainerd MN. We are conveniently located right off of 371 with very easy access and great parking.

Our private spray tanning room will give you all the comfort you will need for your Spray Tanning experience at Captivating Beauty.
Airbrush Spray Tans from Captivating Beauty have active organic-based ingredients, which reacts with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin producing the best looking orange-free sunless tan.
One spray tan session can achieve the result of up to 20 tanning bed sessions. Plus this is way healthier for you….and it only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.
I’ll be posting pictures soon…
Here are some pre/post spray tanning steps….that are vital to help your extend your tan and make you look your best

Before Your Appointment:

  • The day of your spray tan or the night before, shower & exfoliate from head to toe.
    (Shower no less than 2 hours before your appointment)
  • When exfoliating give extra attention to dry areas like knees, lower legs and ankles. 
  • Once you have had your last shower before your appointment NO lotions or oils can be applied to the skin.
  • Have all body hair waxed or shaved that you normally remove taken off 24 hours before you get your spray tan.
  • Bringing loose clothes to wear home would be most comfortable for the 30 minutes while your spray tan is processing. 
  • Avoid using Dial, Irish Spring, Lever 2000, or in-shower moisturizers/oils. These products can neutralize the DHA  bronzing action within the skin.
  • Do not shave your legs within 2 hours of appointment.

During Your Appointment:

  • Wear dark colored bathing suit or underwear.
  • Pull hair back and off of neck.
  • Exfoliating products available for purchase
  • Do not wear wool clothing to your appt.

After Your Appointment:

  • Wait a minimum of 12 (24 if you want to last longer) hours before showering.(Unless Rapid Tan wait 3 hrs.) Warm water rinse – use hands. No soap. The longer you wait, the  darker your tan will be. Unless you had the Accelerated Tan
  • Do Not use any body wash your first shower
  • Do not apply lotions until after your first shower.
  • Avoid any heavy sweating or exposure to other forms of moisture that will cause your color to streak.
  • When you have showered moisturize daily to keep your tan lasting longer.
  • Avoid exfoliating and use minimal body wash during the first 5 days of your spray tan.
  • Avoid Shaving for at least 24 hours after your spray tan.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing. Tight waistbands or leggings can rub your tan away.
  • Makeup: Avoid foundation or anything that requires rubbing of your face. Eye liner and mascara are fine.
  • Use tan-extending moisturizer. Spray Tan artist sells and only recommends professional products for optimum results.
  • Use sulfate-free body wash/shower gel.
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!! 
  • When tan wears off, use a good exfoliator to remove remainder from your skin. There are parts of your body that are naturally slower to exfoliate: Back, knees, under arms, etc.

We provide mobile tanning  also with a minimum of 3 to travel 

I’ll be posting more spray tanning facts in the weeks to come…so stay tuned

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