Are your Eyebrows Sparse?



brained lakes beautiful browsWe’ve all seen some pretty crazy brows..haven’t we? Either pencil thin, too high, too low, weird shaped, you name it we’ve seen it:) I wanted to post some pictures, but that would be mean, so we will have to use our imaginations for the bad brows:)

sophia loren brows

Sophia Loren she was and is quite the beautiful lady. Loving her brows.

My little pet peeve are pencil thin brows which always seem to age a person. If you desire to look little bit younger grow out those brows of yours – it really does make a difference.  If you are young please don’t over tweeze – one day you will regret it.

Anyone with a hypo-thyroid knows that the last 1/3 of their brows are pretty much non-existent – I’m speaking from experience and for a lady who loves thick brows that was a little tough. Thankfully I’ve found an amazing eyebrow serum that works. I use the same product for my eyelashes and I get compliments all the time of how amazing my eyelashes look.

marlyn monore brows

Marilyn Monroe was and still is an Icon! Right now we are focusing on her brows. They are nice and full plus filled in. If you’ve never filled in your brows give it a try and see what you think, or better yet ask someone else. We are so used to a certain way of doing things that we sometimes can’t even see what looks good.

So if you have thinning eyebrows, or have a few little gaps try this serum and fill in your brows with a brow gel.



Credits: listotic,nhu-imagen, lolobu,wookmark