Beautiful Skin and Vitamin D

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Winter can be without mercy on your looks.  It can and does cause an array of beauty and health problems which include aging skin, increased weight and a heightened risk of osteoporosis.  A recent study, suggested that winter can make a woman’s eyes look almost five years older.

5,000 women were studied by experts and found that circles and bags under the eyes were significantly darker during the cold winter months. Most of this was caused by lack of sunlight which leads  to paler skin and emphasizes dark circles and eye bags.

Winter can make your eyes look 5 years older. Here is an easy inexpensive way to help you look and feel younger.

Most of us have heard of the importance of  Vitamin D but did you know a lack of vitamin D has a negative effect on most everything pertaining to health and beauty.  A recent study, which was carried out in New York, found that 82 per cent of women had dark circles and puffy eyes in winter as opposed to just 38 per cent of the same women in summer.

There are a lot of factors that can make dark circles look worse. Thin or thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen,which changes as we age and can make the reddish-blue blood vessels under the eyes more obvious.  Physical and emotional stress — as well as smoking and drinking — also have a significant effect too.

The answer for lack of Vitamin D – get outside and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunshine. At least 10-20 minutes of sunshine without sunscreen has been recommend by Dr. Mercola.

I had my blood tested for Vitamin D levels and found I was extremely low, so now I am taking 5-10,000 units a day which has been recommended by my health practitioner.

Most women are low on vitamin D and need to supplement….It would do well to get your levels checked so you can be in optimum health and beauty

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