Brainerd Lakes Spray Tanning!

spray tanning in brainerd mnDid you know that Captivating-Beauty in Brainerd MN offers mobile spray tanning for brides and their bridal party. We do require a trial run since every bride’s ph and chemistry is different. We’ve seen enough brides in our lifetime that had a spray tan right before their wedding with no trial run and sad to say they were a little orange.

Thankfully the brand we use has phenomenal color and has a violet base which makes that orange look pretty much none existent.

brainerd mn airbrush spray tanningHere are a few sunless spray tanning tips for before and after your tan:

Before Your Appointment:

* Exfoliate 24-48 hours before your appointment.

* Shower before your appointment. Do not moisturize.

* Do not shave your legs within 2 hours of appointment.

During Your Appointment:

* Wear dark colored bathing suit or underwear.

* Pull hair back and off of neck.

After Your Appointment:

* Wear loose-fitting clothing. Tight waistbands or leggings can rub your tan away.

* Avoid sweating or exposure to other forms of moisture that will cause your color to streak.

* Makeup: Avoid foundation or anything that requires rubbing of your face. Eye liner and  mascara are fine.

* Wait 24 hours to shower. Warm water rinse use hands. No soap. The longer you wait, the  darker your tan will be.

* Use tan-extending moisturizer. We only sell and recommend our products for optimum aftercare results.

* Use sulfate-free body wash/shower gel.

* Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!! 2x a day

* When tan wears off, use a good exfoliator to remove remainder from your skin. There are parts of your body that are naturally slower to exfoliate: Back, knees, under arms, etc.

We also provide exfolitor mitts for a small fee in case you didn’t have a chance to exfoliate before your appt.



credits: swank2160

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