Brainerd Lakes Wedding of the Year!!


Yes, this is one lovely, happy couple and I’m so proud to say this is my handsome son Chayse and his lovely bride Elli.

You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and precious day.

chayse and elli saying I do

There love story begins with my daughter-in-love Madi. While she was dating my oldest son Ethan, she invited Elli over to our house for a bonfire.

I think Chayse was smitten the first time he laid eyes on her as is plain to see by how they look at each other.

True Love…. there is nothing more beautiful then that.


Ellie said, “I remember thinking the second time we went out that he really listened to what I had to say . He wasn’t like most guys because of that. He was asking questions about my schooling and my future plans and no other guy had really done that to me before.”

“I had never really dated seriously before, but I knew I wanted to date Chayse and that it would be different.”
Chayse said that Elli loved him for who he was and is…..and didn’t marry him to try and change him, but accepted him as is:)

He wanted to marry his best friend and spend the rest of his life with her.


The beautiful bouquets you see below are from the talented Sharayah from the bee’s knees floral design 

Elli chose the bee’s knee’s floral because she loves the wild flower look and Sharayah does such an amazing job. 🙂

1R5E1623 1R5E1803 1R5E1810 1R5E1858 1R5E1899   1R5E1910

I have to say….she was one beautiful bride…

She desired a very natural, down to earth look…and I think you can agree….this look was perfect……for her….

Captivating-Beauty had the privilege of doing her makeup for the wedding….beautiful skin is the perfect canvas for beautiful makeup!

1R5E1928 (1) 1R5E1935 1R5E1939 1R5E1954

Love the look and style that they chose for the wedding… was so perfect for them!

Elli – “I would say my wedding was the epitome of my style. I have a very laid back look. I also really like anything vintage and there’s a slightly classy element about my style as well.”


Here I am pinning on Chayse’s boutonniere……such a special moment!


Chayse pinning his brother’s boutonniere…..


Love these pictures of the guys here…..Whim Photography did such an amazing job capturing these moments….

Anyone who know Chayse at all……………such a perfect shot!


My youngest son!!!! Yes…..He is quite handsome… are all my boys!!!


This wedding will go down as one of my favorite weddings of all time…….Honestly….

Beautiful couple, beautiful hearts and beautiful moments…….


1R5E2594 1R5E2701


Well we come to a close….I hope you enjoyed these delightful moments taken by Whim Photography

All the charming flower creations by the bees knees floral

The lovely bridal Makeup done by Captivating-Beauty


Make your day BEAUTIFUL!



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