Captivating Beauty at Pine Peaks Event Center in Cross Lake MN

What a beautiful day for a wedding at Pine Peaks Event Center in Cross Lake MN. Our bride Jolie was as sweet as they come. She was thrilled with her hair and makeup. We loved her pop of accent colors especially her blue shoes and bright yellow flowers. I just have to say her wedding photographer Lyndsey from On3 Design¬†is one of the sweetest photographers we’ve met..and on a side not her hair was gorgeous.
airbrush makeup in crosslake mn with on3 design photographyAnother fun little tidbit about this wedding was their white dog(sorry can’t remember his name) was one of their maids of honor:) I think this is a first for us…

One of our main reasons why we love what we do is because everyone is so happy, appreciative and joyful and if we can be a little part of their happiness that is enough ..

wedding at pinepeaks event center with captivating beauty

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