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We are finally all switched over. Our facebook page and Website names finally match.

The reason for the name change is because the name Captivating-Beauty says it all. We love the name and love what it stands for…we are all Captivating-Beauty…..iful….

We wanted to stream line our business and keep it under one roof so to speak. We all desire to have more time within our day and look for ways to hopefully create that.¬†With this name change we’ve done just that and our time is being used more efficiently.

We hope you enjoy the change as much as we do.

Nothing has changed in what we offer except more amazing services, skincare and makeup products.

We are here to serve you…we are here to help you feel beautiful, we love what we do and have a passion for women to know how valuable and beautiful they are.

A big Thank you to Tana from Your Marketing BFF…she has been amazing to work with and has gone above and beyond in helping our company make the switch . I can’t recommend her enough.

Make Your Day BEAUTIFUL!


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