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Have Enough Help

This applies to everything pre-wedding to the actual day. When I do trial runs, I always make a point of asking my brides what they are most looking forward to about their wedding. 90% of the time they say, “when it’s over!” We laugh and I say “okay what else…” It’s sad, but true! Unburden your shoulders by delegating some tasks to others (a massage might help those shoulders too…)

  • Taking on a DIY project (homemade invites, silk floral arrangements, wedding favors, etc.) to give something that unique, personal touch can be a really fun thing… until you’ve hit the 40 or 50 mark and start to lose steam, knowing you have 150 more to go. It is especially important to have help if you are doing multiple projects for the wedding yourself. Take into consideration that sometimes once you start, things take longer than you initially expected. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family members for help! Many people love getting crafty and want to be involved in helping you prep for the big day! 
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  • Hiring a wedding planner can help relieve a lot of stress. Hopefully your fiancé is a good support system for you as you plan and prep (most of them like to be directly involved!) but having a professional to guide you through the process can be a valuable tool so that you don’t have to try and remember everything at once and keep all the details straight. Many venues have a go-to planner or coordinator, so be sure to utilize their help! And if they don’t, hire us to take care of your planning needs!
  • This is YOUR day to be pampered, and to bask in the fruit of the hard work you’ve put in to bring it all together for this one, special day! You don’t want everyone coming to you with last minute details. Designate a personal attendant to be your go-to person. She can answer questions for people and act as a filter for things are worth your attention. She can also be your assistant – need someone to run to the store last minute? Ran out of water bottles in the getting ready room? Forgot to order lunch for you and your bridal party? Its important to have someone who’s with you the morning-of who isn’t tied up with other obligations- it can’t be someone in the wedding party or a family member who already has another place to be at a certain time. This person’s sole job should be to hang around for anything you might need. Someone who is dependable and has a willingness to serve!
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  • Hiring a day-of coordinator is a great addition to having a personal attendant. The day-of coordinator is the one who makes sure your entire day goes smoothly. They are in charge of coordinating with vendors (flowers, cake, etc. getting dropped off at the right location and time), letting your decorator into the reception space during the allotted time, working with your venue to ensure the ceremony site is setup and music is ready to go, wrangling up your family members when it’s time for photos… the list goes on. We offer day-of coordinating services and would love to be a part of your special day in this way!

Written By: Kaitlyn Lawrey