EFAs and Your Skin!

 efa's foods for skin

Why EFA’s for Skin?

Our cell membranes are dependent on EFA’s. Without permeable cell membranes NO nutrition goes in and NO toxins or waste goes out.

If  cell membranes are brittle or compromised it means we have dead skin cells.  

Remember if we have patches of dead skin nothing can penetrate those areas.

Our cells must be PERMEABLE  in order for any nutrients, nourishing serums and moisturizers to penetrate otherwise they will sit on top of our skin.

If you desire healthy looking skin from the inside out, taking EFAs are one of the first places to start.

Our bodies do not produce EFA’s and must be taken from outside sources such as walnuts, flax and chia seeds, cold water fish, dark green leafy vegetables and supplements.

We can fix this problem quite easily compared to other issues we might have with our skin.

Personally I always supplement along with eating healthy fats.  

If you desire beautiful, healthy skin taking EFAs  are vital..

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