What is the retainer for?
non-refundable retainer of $250 is due upon booking in order to reserve your wedding date. This amount will be credited toward your final balance. We will not hold any dates without a retainer.

Why is the retainer non-refundable?
The retainer is the price of reserving your date (meaning we have to turn other brides down once you book) and for this reason, no refund will be given in the event you cancel or reschedule. There is time and cost involved in scheduling your wedding, making sure we have artists available, etc.

Why do I need a contract?
The contract is a legally binding agreement between you and our company. It is extremely important that you read over it thoroughly and understand it before booking with us. It lays out what you can expect from Captivating Beauty, and what we expect from you. Our company operates very differently than a salon-we are a wedding vendor just like all of your other vendors (photographer, venue, florist, musicians, etc.), so in part it protects us from clients cancelling at the last minute.

How many people can you accommodate for wedding day services?
We can accommodate a bridal party of any size. Scheduling depends on artist availability and your time frame for the wedding day. For this reason, it is important to have a very clear idea of number of services and what time you need everyone ready by, prior to booking your services.
Adding more people to the roster later can usually be accommodated.

Can I make changes after I book?
We strongly recommend having your complete number of services figured out prior to booking. The services listed on your contract at the time of booking will be the minimum number of services you will be responsible for paying for. (If people cancel, you will still be charged for the missed services. Usually you can find someone else to fill their spot). If you wish to add people to the number of services, we can usually accommodate that, but you will need to ask approval since adding services may affect the timeline and number of artists.

How long does each person’s service take on the wedding day?
We typically schedule 30-45 minutes per service (not per person). For example, hair and makeup for one person would take between 60-70 minutes. We definitely want to leave ample time for the bride, and schedule her closer to the 45 minute per service mark. Please let us know if anyone in your party has extremely long or thick hair, as this may affect the timeline. The time frame is customized for each bride and bridal party and is scheduled according to several factors, which will be discussed at length between you and your artist. Our goal is a relaxed, yet organized schedule.

What should the getting-ready schedule look like?
Please do not create a time-slot schedule. Because some people’s services take longer or shorter, our schedule is fluid and we take whoever is ready so there are no delays. It is much easier/more efficient to create a tentative list of what order you would like your bridal party to be completed in, and make sure there is always someone on deck ready to go next. Please make sure we have someone in our chair at all times. Late starts and delays (not at the fault of the artist) may result in services being cut short and/or additional fees for making your artist wait.

How is payment accepted?
Our payment link will provide you with paying via bank ACH transfer at no charge or by credit/debit card with the processing fee noted as an additional cost.

Only one payment is made for the entire wedding party. Most brides let their wedding party know the cost of services well before the wedding, so they have plenty of time to collect payment before the final payment is due. All add-ons can be paid the day-of with either cash or Venmo.

When is payment due?
Trial run payment is due 2 weeks before the trial run. Wedding day payment in full is due one month before the wedding.

Is gratuity included in pricing for services?
Gratuity is NOT included in your pricing. As in any service industry, tips are a great way to show your appreciation for the time and skill of your artists, and are often an integral portion of their livelihood. 

Is there a travel fee?
We do not charge a travel fee within a 30 mile radius of our studio (which includes most of the Brainerd Lakes area). If we travel outside of our 30 miles radius, a fee will be calculated on the total amount of miles driven (round trip, per artist). We have set travel pricing for certain locations on the North Shore (North of Duluth). Please ask for a travel quote. Quotes are based on your location and the location of your artist that will be traveling to you. Any travel fees will be included on your final bill.

Which brands of cosmetics do you use?
Our makeup artists use professional, photo ready products. Every artist has their own favorite products that they use to ensure your makeup and hair last all day long. If you have allergies please let us know.

May I bring my own cosmetics?
We provide everything you will need for initial makeup application. However, it is preferred that each person bring their own mascara and lipstick/lip liner so that you can touch up with it throughout the day. In the event you have severe allergies or any other circumstance that would inhibit you from
using our products, you may discuss with your artist about having us apply your own products instead.

What do I do if I have/want hair extensions?
If you have permanent extensions in (tape-ins, beaded, fusion, etc.) OR if you have clip-in extensions that will be applied for your trial or day-of, there will be an added styling fee for the extra time, effort, and product involved. Please let us know ahead of time if you or any of your bridal party have extensions, as it may affect the timeline. If you need to purchase clip-in extensions we do sell them but need 1 month to get them in. Any prep of your extensions (coloring/cutting) must be done by a salon professional prior to your wedding day.

Does my bridal package include a trial run?
We have packages that do include a trial run and packages that do not….this is totally up to the bride. We recommend a trial for the sake of getting to know your artist, practicing your look ahead of time, and giving us a chance to make any necessary changes before your wedding day, so your look is perfect the day-of!

When should I book my trial run?
We usually book trial runs no earlier than 1 month prior to the wedding. You will schedule your trial directly with your artist. Trial runs take place at either the Captivating Beauty studio or at the home of your artist (depending on location). Trials are typically held on weekdays, as we are
booked with weddings on the weekends.

What can I expect at my trial run?
Makeup trials include a consultation and application, and suggestions on lip color (we recommend you bring your own lip color for your wedding day so you have something for touch-ups). Hair trials include a consultation and styling, and placement of any hair pieces/veil you may be wearing.
All trials include minor adjustments to the makeup/hairstyle at the appointment. If more than one style is requested, or the appointment exceeds 1 hour per service (2 hours for a hair/makeup trial), additional fees may apply.

A trial run is a practice run! This is your chance to speak up: we cannot read minds, so we love open communication about what you love or don’t love. If your look needs to be tweaked/changed, there are many things your artist can do to accommodate changes and make suggestions.

What happens if my trial run goes horribly wrong?
Please do not hesitate to communicate with us. In the extremely rare case that a trial run goes sour, our first recommendation is to do a re-trial with your artist. If that is not an option, we may be able to accommodate pairing you with a different artist. An additional trial fee may be necessary to book with a different artist. We are committed to you and doing everything we can to make things right!

Are trials available for the bridal party too?
It is uncommon for anyone other than the bride to do a trial run. However, if someone requests a trial we are happy to do so. The cost of this trial will be the same as the cost of their wedding day services.

What happens if I am late or I No Call/No Show my trail appointment?
If you are more than 15 minutes late to your trial appointment, you will be charged a $25 late fee, and $2 per minute beyond the initial 15 minutes.
If you do not show up for your trial appointment and fail to notify us within a reasonable amount of time in advance, you will still be charged the full amount for the missed trial. If another trial run is rescheduled, you will pay the full trial run amount again for that appointment.