Fresh Skin = Fresh Skin Care Products

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Are any of your skin care products over 2 years old?  If so, it’s time to toss them since most preservatives expire after 2 years. If these products are housed in a jar where you are constantly dipping and re-dipping your fingers in and out to take out product the germs are probably having a field day. Can you see the ugly picture! It’s not to pretty is it?


Plus your skin needs new, fresh products to stimulate, nourish, correct and protect. Personally I love to keep my skin guessing. I’m constantly changing my routine from day to day, night to night so my skin won’t get used to my routine or become immune to it and quite working.


Spring is the perfect time to take out the old and bring in the new. It is time to leave the heavy duty protectants and bring in the light refreshing yet potent serums that will firm, tone, brighten and bring that beautiful springtime glow

 Make your day Beautiful


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