Help for Dry Frizzy Hair!!

frizzy hair

Suffering from dry frizzy hair?!

Fret not! Here are some simple solutions to help you combat the elements.

1) Get in with your stylist for a trim. Sometimes just eliminating the split ends can make a world of difference.

2) Have a deep conditioning treatment where you can have a treatment formulated for your hair type and sit under a hooded dryer for maximum results. The heat helps drive the conditioner deep into your hair shaft and that’s where the magic takes place. Otherwise most of it rinses off and down the drain.

3) Make sure to properly care for your tresses by ALWAYS using a thermal heat protecting product if you blow dry or use irons. Hair melts at 460° and most irons available to the public reach temps of 450°.
Scary huh?!

4) See #3…. Make sure your iron is set to an appropriate temp for your hair. If it is processed or you have fine hair you shouldn’t have your irons set above 325° for daily use.

5) Use a professional oil based serum on your hair daily to bring out the shine, repair hair and add some protection.

6) Come in for a color gloss. This is a clear ‘color’ that protects the hair from environmental damage, adds tremendous shine and even extends the life of your color while enhancing it! Win, win and win!!

healthy hair
Make your day BEAUTIFUL!

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