How do I have Soft Skin even in the Coldest of Winter

This cold winter can and will wreck havoc “ ruin, damage, rob” your skin especially in these sub-zero temperatures. Here is a simple, quick remedy for even the driest of skin.

Cleanse face thoroughly Warm your hands in warm-hot water When your hands are very warm, quickly dry then place 4-6 drops of one of our oils in one hand, press palms together then smooth the oil over your face and neck Perform a gentle massage of your face for 1-2 minutes then immerse your Facial Cloths in warm-hot water, squeeze out tightly then press onto face and holds for a count of 5 – repeat several times . Finally finish with one of Nature’s Genesis Moisturizers or oils, massaging gently for 1-2 mins then have an early night. A boost of intense nourishment along with a little bit of extra rest will significantly improve dry, flaky and dull skin overnight. Make it a Beautiful day, Tracy naturesgenesis

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