How to Have Flawless Skin

I love Image’s Tinted Sunscreen and I conceal. Wow nothing better in my book. I’ve been having a heck of a time finding a foundation that really looks good. As you all know when we age we have to switch up our foundation. Well I am happy to report, I’ve found my Holy Grail! 

I just placed an order for samples of Image I Conceal

and the tinted sunscreen. This stuff conceals like nothing I’ve ever tried before yet looks so natural. I’ve been mixing it in with the Tinted Moisturizer Sun Screen and my skin looks pretty flawless if I do say so myself:)

Remember with the Image Skincare line you need to call to place an order. That is their standard and I have to abide by their criteria.

Here is some more info regarding their I Conceal

I-Conceal is a revolutionary foundation that heals and conceals to reveal a healthier, flawless complexion. It not only provides luminous coverage, but increases oxygen uptake in the skin, regenerates through the use of stem cells, and provides UV coverage! 

What does your foundation do for you?

Make your day Beautiful!!


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