How to Prepare for Your Wedding Hair Trial!

how to prepare for your wedding hair trial with captivating beauty
Wedding season is coming into full swing here at Captivating Beauty so here are a few tips to get you ready for your wedding hair trial run.

  1. Wash and condition your hair the night before your trial run. Day old hair is the best to work with.
  2. Don’t use shampoos or conditioners with silicones. Silicones make your hair slippery and weighed down. Not the best thing for bridal hairstyles and updos. We need a little texture to give you the best results. ( btw professional shampoos/conditioners make a world of difference)
  3. Please don’t use any hair serums or smoothing oils and creams. Again, this will weigh your hair down. If you desire long lasting curls, volume and teasing that last all day…..stay away from these products.
  4. Do not wear any elastics, scrunchies or hair clips the night before or the day of your appt. Those little indents can make it difficult for hair styling.
  5. Please don’t flat iron your hair the day of your appt or the night before.
  6. If you have hair extensions or need them applied. Please let us know before your appt.
  7. If you plan on using hair extensions on your wedding day – please bring them with you or have them in for your trial run.  Make sure they are clean, dry and brushed.

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