Humidifier Your Skin’s Best Friend

Another reason why we need and should use humidifiers. This isn’t written in stone, but it makes for an interesting read and observation. 

I know when our children were small and even now when they are “men,” I’m always promoting the use of a humidifier or crockpot. The dryness of the air can wreck havoc on your skin and also cause nose bleeds and cold symptoms.  

Now we find out that humidifiers might even help prevent the spread of flu during the flu season.

“For example, in the wettest possible absolute humidity, less than 20% of the virus was still viable after an hour, while at the driest conditions 80% of the virus was still capable of making someone sick. After 23 hours, the viruses in the dampest conditions were all dead, while 60% of those under the most arid conditions were still alive.”

“Absolute humidity refers to the actual amount of water vapor in the air regardless of saturation,,20311137,00.html

Humidity works wonders on your skin and also your health especially in the dry winter months. Moisture in the air is good for you all the way around!

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