Keeping Your Mineral Foundation looking Dewy not Matte

Foundations that are matte liquid, or mineral-based, can erase your youthful glow and that beautiful dewy look.

If you are using any foundation that has too much matte, it will accentuate facial dryness. As we age we tend to lose hydration, which leads to dullness of skin tone, and causes our face to look dry, tight and more wrinkled. In order to appear more youthful it is essential to make sure that the face looks hydrated, glowing and plump. As always, proper skincare is vital for younger looking skin. Oils can help create that perfect canvas for your foundation.

Mineral Powder Foundations can look beautiful and glowing on the face. As I stated above, you must start with proper skincare, and you must exfoliate so your canvas is in perfect shape to begin your mineral application. In all honesty, I have tried numerous mineral foundations and the only one that has worked well is the one we carry. I’m sure there are other great ones out there, but I just haven’t come across them yet.

Also, if you desire that youthful dewy look, applying a facial mister is a must! If your skin looks dry after you apply your minerals foundation, spritz a little of our Herbal Tonique or Vit C Ester onto your face and it will radiate beauty. The facial mister causes your minerals to look dewy and not matte, which is what you should aim for to have that youthful glow.

Liquid Minerals are another beautiful foundation if you desire that youthful glow. Personally I love the tinted mineral moisturizer as it goes on easily.

It is important to avoid being overzealous with the minerals in those danger zones which we have, such as the outer corners of eye area, tops of the cheekbones, the upper lip line, and the smile lines next to the mouth.

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