Long Wearing Lipstick that Doesn’t Dry Out Your Lips!

lipsense pretty colors

Are any of you tired of having to re-apply your lipstick umpteen times a day…..I finally found a lipstick that stays on, that doesn’t dry your lips out and has beautiful colors….

It’s waterproof, kiss proof, won’t smear off, rub off or wear off.

I’ve worn it daily and all I need to do is re-apply the lipgloss…and if I don’t want to re-apply the lipgloss I still have the color intact and lovely.

1 tube is about the same as 3 lipsticks…it comes with lipstick, gloss, and oops to remove the lipstick just in case you make a mistake while applying:)

lipsense so many colors

I will have some samples for you to try in the salon….come in the morning before work and watch this stuff do it’s magic.

Let me know if you want to try this and I will set you up with an appt…it will only take 5 minutes

This is perfect for teachers, nurses, dental hygienists


Make your day Beautiful


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