Look at Her Skin!

peptide facial treatments


I just had to share these amazing skin results. Take a close look around her lips. This is quite incredible don’t you agree?

She came in for professional treatments every 4-5 weeks the rest was by using active professional homecare.

These peptides are some of the best skincare products if you want to see results. There is nothing like using a peptide serum that is geared to correct the issue as is evidenced by the picture above.

These are the homecare products that she used: Mind you this was only 6 wks into the homecare




PAD (chin,upper lip, 11, crows)


This is a pure line of Peptides, like you have never seen them before.  They are made fresh in the laboratory of Viktoria DeAnn.  You will see amazing results for all skin types, even acne.  Youthful beautiful skin is what you will have using these products.

If you have any questions about this skincare line or would like to book an appt please contact us here or message us on fb here

Here’s to beautiful youthful skin

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Tracy & Jenn – Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist


credits: Matus, heliosmedspa


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