On Site Wedding Hair & Airbrush Makeup at Olivers Acres in Pequot Lakes MN

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Richardson: Funniest moment of the day: “I didn’t see it myself, but I was told that the flower girl had to go up the isle by herself because the ring bearer got nervous. She did so well and got to the very front, but then yelled, “Mommy I need you!!” and ran back down the isle!”

“We didn’t know each other very long before we started dating… We met at church during the meet and greet time! He later told me that he had saw me up front playing guitar and singing in the worship band and had prayed, “Lord, if you don’t give me her, give me someone just like her!” After a couple months of saying hi during the greeting time, I had noticed that he was always eager to say hi, so finally I said, “You know, we always say hi, but I don’t know very much about you… why don’t you tell me some more about yourself?” Not long after he asked me on a date and the rest is history!”

“(his story is different. He claims that I was looking right at him while playing and singing and that I was singing to him…) I wasn’t.


Taylor & Nathan were enagaged for about 8 months before their big day! “I had been waiting eagerly for Nathan to ask me to marry him for a while! I love the outdoors and really wanted to be in nature for a proposal and had hinted as such, but didn’t want to put too much pressure on him. Around the New Year we had been running some errands. He had dropped me off at my car and I was going to meet him back at his house, but I ran one more errand without him knowing. By the time I got there he was so worried that something had happened to me. He was so relieved, and he told me that he didn’t ever want to be without me. I think we both loved each other so much in that moment. He said, “I can’t wait anymore… can I just ask you now?” I eagerly replied yes and he got down on one knee is his unfinished kitchen! He said he wanted to take me somewhere outside like I wanted, but it was also -30 degrees out… It wasn’t glamorous, but it was beautiful!!”

Such a sweet story! When you know.. you know! 

These two were married at Oliver Acres Bed and Breakfast west of Pequot Lakes! Taylor shared- “Across the road from the B&B was my great-grandparents homestead. Although the family barn is no longer there, I was happy to have the wedding in the neighborhood where I grew up- just a couple miles from my parents’ house!”

These two did bridesmaid gifts that were robes from etsy & the groomsmen got some nice flashlights from online! 
They went with Mint green and burlap for their wedding colors! Taylor walked down the isle to: “Great is Thy Faithfulness” instrumental. Together they danced their first dance to 
“I Can’t Help Falling in Love” Haley Reinhart. 

When asked what her favorite highlights of the day were, Taylor shared:

“1) I rode up in a horse-drawn carriage and that was pretty amazing! I have always loved horses and that felt like a fairy-tale. 

2) SQUARE DANCING. Sounds cheesy, but I had done square dancing a couple times in college and it is seriously the funnest thing you will ever do! I wanted our reception to beautiful and FUN and it was! I hired a square dance caller who was great and brought his own sound system and still played our first dance songs that we requested, but then began calling. The best part of this is that EVERYONE can be included- old, young, and everywhere in between. You don’t have to know the dance because he teaches you as you go so everyone is in the same boat. You don’t need a partner because you switch all the time anyway! Even those who weren’t dancing had a great time watching. It was a blast! 

3) My (now husband) loves fireworks! He had asked about fireworks towards the beginning of our wedding planning, but I told them that they are illegal in MN (which they are). But then I began thinking and decided that I wanted to surprise him and hire someone to do it. My dad and mother-in-law chipped in to make it happen and that moment was probably my favorite. He was completely surprised and the fireworks were wonderful! The DJ we had later in the evening even played “God Bless the USA” !”

Who loves a cute send off?! 
“The dance went on after the firework show, but after a long day, that seemed like a pretty good end to a perfect day, so we took off shortly after that with a sparkler send-off!”

Right after their wedding these two were off to Banff, Canada! Taylor shared “It was INCREDIBLE!! Honestly my wedding and honeymoon both were absolute dreams come true!” 

What is your number one tip for a bride to be/groom to be?
“I had a bad experience with dress shopping because I didn’t like my dress that I bought which made me really sad. So to a bride-to-be, I would say: Don’t feel like you have to buy a dress in one day. Try them on, but then walk away and come back another day and see if you love it as much as you did before. 
Another practical tip is that your photographer is going to make you take pictures after the ceremony and you’ll be frustrated in the moment because you just want to be with your guests! But listen to him/her, because those ones were the best pictures! ”

Bridal dress is from: “Bride to Be” in Williston, ND!

Grooms attire is from: “We just did khaki pants from Walmart, a white long-sleeved shirt, and vest that we purchased online!”

Bridesmaids dress were from: “Bridesmaids each got their own dresses from all over the place. I just wanted them to be knee-length and mint green!”

Groomsmen attire were from: “Same as groom. We had a certain pants and vest, otherwise they got the rest. They also wore brown cowboy boots!”

Floralist: Lilly Grass Floral!

Photographer: Studio North Photography

Videographer: Isaac Akers (Family member)

Caterer: Ted and Jen’s BBQ

Cake/cupcakes: Schaefer’s Food Nisswa 

Hair and makeup: Captivating Beauty

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