Products for Oily Skin

Does this look familiar? 

Would you like your makeup to last all day? If your skin resembles this picture I would love to give you two free samples that will eliminate the shine, the slick, and secure your makeup all day long no matter the season of the year.

I will give away two products to the first five people that respond by letting me know WHY they want to try these productsAND if you will answer the questions below after using the products.

These are the questions:

Does your makeup typically come off within the first few hours?

Is your face oily and shiny by noon or soon after?

After using these products:

How was the shine?

Did you makeup stay on?

Were you pleased with the results?

Would you recommend this to your friends as a product that works?

Did this solve the problem?
I will send directions and the questions along with the  products. You can email me at if you are interested in being a tester.


Make it a Beautiful day,


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