“Skincare for a Healthy Pregnancy!”

Pregnancy is an exciting time in any woman’s life.  Preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby brings a whole mixture of emotions and also changes to not only your body but your skin as well.

Many expectant mothers want to continue with their skincare routines yet conflicting messages within the press can make many apprehensive about product usage and certain ingredients.

How then do we know what things to avoid to keep safe yet to use in order to maintain our skin condition?  After all, along side the pleasant effects of being pregnant, hormonal changes can bring not only breakouts but dryness, pigmentation and sometimes sensitivity to the skin.  Using a bland product with no active ingredient whatsoever will simply not cut it when it comes to these concerns, yet the health of yourself and baby cannot be compromised.

This is where organic ingredients really come into a league of their own.  Deemed safe and gentle enough to use, they can have potent effects on skin conditions associated with pregnancy.  Aloe Vera for example, cools and soothes redness and can be hydrating to the skin also.

Image Skincare Ormedic Anti Oxidant Serum is a phenomenal multitasker.  With its 70% blend of organic ingredients including the previously mentioned Aloe Vera, it has the added benefit of being a light hydrator.   So if oil has been a problem with hormonal changes, this will bring the balance back with its water fueled hydration along with healing inflammation and soothing sensitivity.

If pigmentation is starting to be seen – which is very common in areas such as the face, chest and tummy – there are natural ingredients that will lighten and brighten this which are again completely safe to use whilst expecting.  Kojic acid from mushrooms believe it or not, will stop excessive melanin (the brown pigment giving that discolouration to the skin) production to reduce the dark spots that are seen.Total Skin Lightening Serum from Image Skincare uses this and lactic acid, again naturally occurring in milk, to aid the breakdown of brown spots.  Gentle enough to use twice daily under your moisturiser it can help to brighten.   A sun protection factor must also be used.  Look for an SPF30 and a broad spectrum to ensure UVA and UVB are blocked.  Prevention+ Hydrating from Image is a fabulous one if dryness is also a problem.  Be mindful though that sometimes, due to hormones, until the baby has been born and breast feeding stopped, pigmentation may continue even with product usage.

Finally if you are suffering breakouts and finding pregnancy a stressful time, professional skin treatments are essential.  Exfoliation done in a safe, controlled environment by a professional skin therapist removes the build up of dead skin cells and oil that clog pores and lead to breakouts and congestion.

Image Skincare have an organic skin peel containing enzymes and completely acid free.   This gentle peel will brighten skin and reduce red sore spots.   The aromatherapy benefit will calm and reduce stress levels allowing you to feel like yourself again and look fabulous at the same time!

Rest assured there are safe steps to take towards good skincare whilst expecting your baby.  Results can still be achieved and you can still feel and look good whilst protecting and nurturing your baby.  After all, a healthy and happy mum is essential for enjoying what can be a special time – being pregnant.

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