Summer to Fall Skincare

It’s time to switch up our skincare routine since Fall will be officially here September 22nd. You sure can feel it in the air already. Cool nights and beautiful Fall days are here  for a while anyway. fall images

As you know in summer we tend to lean towards products that help control the excess oil that hot, humid weather seems to produce in our skin. Now is the time to trade those drying skincare items that we used during the summer months in for more hydrating and nourishing skin care products.

Now is not the time to use heavy duty cleansers that strip the oil or compromise the acid mantle of your skin. Again, OCM is the best possible way to cleanse your face followed by our gentle, yet effective cleansers. Personally. I love Skin Scripts Glycolic Cleanser mixed with the Retinol scrub. Your skin will look and feel beautiful, refreshed and softened. Rhonda Allison’s Pumpkin Cleanser and Milk  Plus Cleanser  are a favorite with so many of my clients, also.  The pumpkin cleanser lightly exfoliates the skin allowing other products to penetrate and do their work.

One of my favorite ways to bring moisture and hydration into my skin is to cleanse with oil, the OCM method. At least 3 -4x a week I cleanse with oil constantly switching my oils from day to day. It may take a couple of weeks for your skin to adjust, but if you keep with it you will notice such a difference. Your skin will look dewy, wrinkles will be softened, and your skin will  glow. To me this is one of the hot tickets for younger looking skin.

If you just can’t fathom using oil on your skin, these moisturizers are some of my favorites: Nature’s Genesis Herbal Infused Cream Therapy and Image Vital C Line. I absolutely love this line. If you haven’t tried it give me a call. It’s amazing. 

If your skin is looking dull and lifeless the reason is you are probably in desperate need of an exfoliation or a peel, or maybe both.  Exfoliation and/or a Peel are vital at this time of year.  We need to get rid of the old to bring in the new. Fall is the perfect time to clean up your skin and get rid of the damage that summer has brought to your skin.
SPF – Never underestimate the power of SPF. Just because the weather has grown cooler and the clouds have gotten thicker, it is still extremely important to use sunscreen. I absolutely love Image’s Prevention Daily Tinted Moisturizer spf 30 and Skin Scripts Sheer Protection. Both of these are like skin food and Image has a little added color. Love this stuff!!

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