Natural Bridal Makeup & Hair at Craguns Resort

Bridal airbrush makeup and hair at Craguns Resort on Gull Lake in the rain:) Oh yes, again MN weather can turn on us at any time, but as you can see it didn't dim her joy and happiness. We loved Andrea she was one of the sweetest brides. She … [Read more...]

Make Your Eyes Pop in just 10 Seconds!

Do you have an extra 10 seconds in your day? Curling eyelashes makes you look younger and causes your eyes to pop and look more alert. We just did a photo shoot and just about everyone needed their eyelashes curled. The difference was amazing. … [Read more...]

Brainerd Lakes Holistic Skincare Services

We are also a Holistic Skincare Studio that provides targeted treatments that are customized to each individual.  Our philosophy is that skin needs to be nurtured and healed - not destroyed.     "We use ingredients nobody else does at percentages … [Read more...]

Bohemian Brides – Nothing More Enchanting!

I'm loving these Boho looks....look at these images... Simple, soft and beautiful! Simple foliage - yet so beautiful! Flower crowns...natural makeup....flowing hair!!! Couldn't be any better then this! Bohemian … [Read more...]

Brainerd Lakes Wedding of the Year!!

Yes, this is one lovely, happy couple and I'm so proud to say this is my handsome son Chayse and his lovely bride Elli. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and precious day. There love story begins with my daughter-in-love Madi. … [Read more...]