Over the Counter -vs- Professional Skincare

Over the Counter vs Professional - Yes there is a huge difference. Over the Counter products can NOT penetrate the skin they can only beautify.... OTC is anything you can purchase from a retailer or MLM company. If you really want to see … [Read more...]

Happy Customers!!

I love happy customers and especially love when they turn into friends. She is so happy with her skin so thought it would be fun to share with you. Using skincare with active ingredients do bring amazing results. "Excited to share! To start … [Read more...]

Your Skincare Products are Your Best Friend

Do you know the secret to beautiful skin?  It’s getting the basics right and getting them right  - daily!   It’s being faithful morning and night and making your skin a priority. Effective skincare is worth the time and investment .  I guarantee … [Read more...]

Spring – Time to Switch out your Skin Care Products!

  What is your current skin care routine? Is it working? Is you skin improving? How's the acne? If you're not seeing improvement with your current skin care routine now is the perfect time to switch it up. Let’s go through each step to see if … [Read more...]