Why Have a Hair and Makeup Trial?

1521608_694474647237588_1964773226_nYour hair and makeup trial is a very important part of planning for your wedding day. As a hairstylist with Captivating Beauty I look forward to this time with the bride getting to know a little more about her and what she likes.

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Sometimes a person doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for and this time can be used communicating and discovering. It’s always good for the bride to explore ideas with a professional who can help them find the look that’s just right for them and compliments their face shape, skin tone and dress the best way possible.

captivating beauty wedding day hair and airbrush makeupCome prepared with pictures of makeup and hair that you like as well as any hair pieces that you may be interested in trying out and your veil if you have one. If the look isn’t just what you would like that is okay. Communication is key, just be sure to be honest and upfront with your stylist about any changes that would need to be made in order to get it spot on.

After all that is the purpose of the trial run!

Most importantly make sure that you choose something that you are comfortable with and makes you feel like yourself. A trial run gives your stylist and chance to work with your hair and skin and gives you the opportunity to wear the look and try it out before the main event. It is always a good idea!!!

Help for Dry Frizzy Hair!!

frizzy hair

Suffering from dry frizzy hair?!

Fret not! Here are some simple solutions to help you combat the elements.

1) Get in with your stylist for a trim. Sometimes just eliminating the split ends can make a world of difference.

2) Have a deep conditioning treatment where you can have a treatment formulated for your hair type and sit under a hooded dryer for maximum results. The heat helps drive the conditioner deep into your hair shaft and that’s where the magic takes place. Otherwise most of it rinses off and down the drain.

3) Make sure to properly care for your tresses by ALWAYS using a thermal heat protecting product if you blow dry or use irons. Hair melts at 460° and most irons available to the public reach temps of 450°.
Scary huh?!

4) See #3…. Make sure your iron is set to an appropriate temp for your hair. If it is processed or you have fine hair you shouldn’t have your irons set above 325° for daily use.

5) Use a professional oil based serum on your hair daily to bring out the shine, repair hair and add some protection.

6) Come in for a color gloss. This is a clear ‘color’ that protects the hair from environmental damage, adds tremendous shine and even extends the life of your color while enhancing it! Win, win and win!!

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Make your day BEAUTIFUL!