Wedding Planner in Brainerd MN

A wedding planner is so important for a bride on the day of her wedding and also the months leading up to her wedding day. Having been in the wedding industry for over 8 years in Brainerd and the surrounding areas, I can not tell you how many brides wished they had hired a wedding coordinator & planner… It can be very stressful for a bride to handle all the wedding details on her own. Our role as Wedding Planner is to make your dreams come true with little or no stress to you!

We make your big day come to life: we want your ceremony, reception, and all that ensues to live up to that which you have only imagined. And we want your experience planning and preparing for your wedding to be just as exciting and stress free!

How we plan your wedding depends on how much help you need and what you want. This could be anything from an inspiration picture to a detailed plan that thoroughly explains your vision. Our expertise and professional networking allow us to offer the best resources to connect the dots between all your details and help guide you through your event from beginning to end.  

We start all of our relationships with a complimentary consultation to address required planning needs.

We also do wedding decor. We have an amazing team.

Shout out to Morgan Watson Photography for these photos. We love her style!!

Captivating Beauty Decorating and styling/Petals and Beans Floral/Jackie Tyrell Cake/Renee Anderson Planning/Dees Decorating/Wedding Venue Pine Peaks

Wedding Rentals and Decorating in Baxter MN

This is a little sampling of the talents of our decorating team. This bride wanted a simple organic feel for her wedding cake and she loved it!!

Live greenery with little sprigs of flowers…..

Velvety tablecloth with colored glasswear and vintage place settings….ugh…I can’t get enough of this. There are endless ways to decorate…we are loving it!!

Is there anything better then having a team of ladies who have fun together and respect each other!!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…Proverbs 17:22

Stayed tuned because we have many more fun things coming!! We love weddings and love our brides and love working with other local vendors.

Wedding Decorators in Brainerd


There was nothing sweeter then our team decorating for this wedding at Stonewall Farms in Willmar MN.  The bride desired a lot of greenery intermingled with gold terrariums. This was important to her. She wanted to keep it clean and simple. We also used our vintage dishes and colored glassware with simple little sprigs of greenery and flowers on each plate. She was tickled pink with it and said it was perfect!


One of her favorite songs was showcased in beautiful gold lettering surrounded in greenery and hung right behind them at the head table.

Wedding Photographer: Emily Majors

Bridal Hair, Airbrush Makeup & Decorations

Yes, I’m a little biased here with this bride and groom….This is my son and beautiful daughter in love. They were married this past September at Stonewall Farms in Willmar MN

We were all so thrilled and emotional watching their wedding video it brought us right back to one of the best days ever. Stay tuned because we will be posting a lot of pictures later on this week:)

Venue: Stonewall Falls

Photographer: Emily Majers

Captivating Beauty – Bridal Hair/Airbrush Makeup/ Decorating


Wedding Decor for Brides in Brainerd MN

Simple & Sweet tablescape decor for brides in Brainerd MN and the surrounding areas. I know my timing might be a little off, since it is winter at the moment, but it is the perfect time isn’t it to feast our eyes on some spring colors:)

Did you know we have vintage dishes and glassware with sweet little tea/coffee cups for rent. We have quite a large selection and are adding more all the time. We also have other things to rent so stay tuned…….


Is this not the perfect spring or summer palate for a wedding. Come on SUNSHINE!! This naked wedding cake was made by our team as well. It was as good as it looks!!! I wish I had some now:)

The sky is the limit for what we can do for you. There are so many simple yet sweet ways to decorate your wedding on a budget.