Airbrush Makeup the Best Choice for Brides!

mackenzie bride from pinepeaks 8This blog is going to be short and sweet today, but will give you something to think about if you are trying to decide if you want to spend the extra money on wedding day airbrush makeup.  I was visiting with a local wedding photographer and she said there is a marked difference between airbrush and traditional makeup and how it transposes in wedding photos. From a wedding photographers stand point…airbrush makeup is the only way to go for brides…and if she could make the choice for all her brides…airbrush makeup would be the only way to go….

She has pictures to prove it and is going to share them with us in a few months when things slow down a little bit. Side by side comparisons are the best way to get an accurate picture of why airbrush makeup is the best choice for brides… stay tuned…..

Next week we will be sharing about the differences between airbrush and traditional makeup


Bridal Skincare Tips!

beautiful skin for bride before her wedding dayBeautiful Skin for Brides….in the Brainerd Lakes… The more time you have to prepare, the better the results, but if you only have one week to go until the big day…we can still help.

We know that brides and all those in the bridal party have a lot on their plate before the big day and because of that some of the smaller details, but yet very important details can be forgotten. One of those is your skin.  Again we have seen a lot of “skin” and not all has been in great shape. We’ve worked with bridal parties where their skin is so dry and damaged that you could literally pick it off their face.

Sorry for this little rant…but cleansing your skin with bar soap is a big no no….a person might be able to get a way with it for a while, but it will catch up…I’ve seen so many clients who use bar soap and their skin is so very dry…it literally strips your skin of any oil and wrecks your protective skin barrier. Professional cleansers are very in expensive and will not wreck your skin and are so worth the investment.

Makeup can not nor will not look good on dry dehydrated skin. 

We can apply hydrating serums and all the right products on your wedding day, but a one time deal will not take away the look and feel of dehydrated unhealthy skin and makeup will not adhere nor will it look good.

The best place to start is by exfoliating your skin with products you find here. The next step is to treat your skin with serums. Serums are the best bridal skincare products you can use because they are such concentrated nutrition and health for your skin. Following up with a moisturizer for your skin type will have your skin in perfect condition for your wedding day and wedding pictures. 

Better yet come in and receive a facial treatment once a month leading up to your wedding day to ensure that your skin is picture perfect. Treatments not only remove dead skin, but will also help other skincare products to sink into your skin and correct any damage.

Implementing great skin care and other Esthetic services into your wedding planning is vital before leading up to the  “I do.”

Credits: butterflylaserclinic, Pinterest

Inspirational Shoot with Photographer-Samantha Glumac Exclusive

Styled Photo Shoot in Brainerd MN

Ok Ladies We just have to say these photographs are amazing. Don’t you agree?

Photographer-Samantha Glumac Exclusive was in search for a model in the Brainerd Lakes area for this creative inspirational shoot. We dare say she picked the perfect one!

Captivating-Beauty had the privilege of working  with this beautiful model who just happens to be my daughter-in-love – Madi. Honestly these types of photos are my favorite style bare none.

Samantha Glumac  is one amazing photographer.

The talented Florist Sharayah from The Bees Knees Floral made this beautiful head piece..I love floral head pieces…and these are quite the rage for brides.

Sorry I only have a few to show you…stayed tuned for more…
PhotoShoot in the Brainerd Lakes

Styled Photo Shoot in Brainerd MN

Wedding Season is Coming to a Close!

Weddings - Captivating-BeautyThe wedding season is winding down in the Brainerd Lakes area….we still are booked out for a few more months, but you can sense the season has come to a close.

I know the brides we have booked are hoping for beautiful Fall weather in the Lakes Area except one – who is hoping for a little snow:)

There are still a lot more bridal pictures to come so keep checking back in with us.

Thank you to all the brides who have entrusted us for your wedding. We love weddings, and we love helping our brides feel and look beautiful!

bridezilla brides

A lot of times one of our brides will ask us to share a story of a Bridezilla that we had to deal with….and we tell them we have never had a one!! Since we have a lot of wedding under our belt in 3 short years….that is saying a lot!

Thank you to all our brides – you have been the best!!



Brainerd Lakes Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Video

We had such a fun time with this On Location Wedding…in the heart of the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Saying your “I Do’s” in your childhood home surrounded by family & friends…..honestly, it was so perfect!

We thought you’d enjoy seeing how Captivating-Beauty works.

Our Bridal Teams travel to your wedding location:home, resort, venue and prepare the bride, bridal team, mother of the bride, mother in law & grandmas for the big event.

The atmosphere is so relaxed, comfortable and stress free. What better way is there then to start your wedding day with our team coming to you…getting pampered & you don’t even have to leave your venue …

Brides love us!

Enjoy the wedding video!



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