Over the Counter -vs- Professional Skincare

Over the Counter vs Professional - Yes there is a huge difference. Over the Counter products can NOT penetrate the skin they can only beautify.... OTC is anything you can purchase from a retailer or MLM company. If you really want to see … [Read more...]

You Could be Tearing Your Skin!

Did you know, many drugstore “exfoliating scrubs” contain harsh particles such as walnut shells or polyethylene micro beads (polyethylene is the same substance that single-use shopping bags are made from). These “exfoliating beads” can cause … [Read more...]


We are finally all switched over. Our facebook page and Website names finally match. The reason for the name change is because the name Captivating-Beauty says it all. We love the name and love what it stands for...we are all … [Read more...]

Banish Dry Winter Skin!

    As we all know Winter can and does wreak havoc on  our skin. Here are a few winter skin care tips that will leave your skin feeling soft, dewy, hydrated and moisturized. 1.Taking Essential Fatty Acids is vital for healthy cell membranes. … [Read more...]

Protect your Acid Mantle for Younger Looking Skin!

  Use products that protect your acid mantle...if your skin is dehydrated or dry your acid mantle is already damaged and TEWL is already taking place and destroying your protective barrier.Especially at this time of year the cold and heat is … [Read more...]