Valentine’s Day Facial Special in Brainerd MN

February's Chocolate Cherry Facial for only $49.99! Perfect for dry, dull or aging-skin. Love is in the air with this "made-­for-­each-­other" cherry and chocolate duo. This perfect couple will warm your skin and tantalize with the indulgent scents … [Read more...]

Dehydrated Skin? What can Help?

Yes, Captivating Beauty does skincare in the Brainerd Lakes Area! We love helping our customers feel good about themselves. We've seen a lot of clients with dehydrated skin lately. Actually, we hardly see anyone whose skin is really hydrated as it … [Read more...]

Brainerd Lakes Holistic Skincare Services

We are also a Holistic Skincare Studio that provides targeted treatments that are customized to each individual.  Our philosophy is that skin needs to be nurtured and healed - not destroyed.     "We use ingredients nobody else does at percentages … [Read more...]

Protect your Acid Mantle for Younger Looking Skin!

  Use products that protect your acid mantle...if your skin is dehydrated or dry your acid mantle is already damaged and TEWL is already taking place and destroying your protective barrier.Especially at this time of year the cold and heat is … [Read more...]