Bridal Hair in Mpls MN with Captivating Beauty

I love our Minneapolis bridal team that travels on site. Our wedding hair artist is amazing and is super fast to boot. Carly was amazed at how fast she was......I told her I wish we could clone her:) There's something about Romantic updos that … [Read more...]

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning Make sure you carve out enough time to get ready...Your hair and makeup artists are experts in scheduling the right amount of time...flexibility is key!! Please trust us in this.   I can’t stress … [Read more...]

Reserve Your Wedding Date Quickly!

We thought we should talk through the process of reserving your wedding date. First off we are so thankful to all the brides who contact us and for those that book. We have such a busy season ahead of us and couldn't be more excited. We have already … [Read more...]