Bridal Hair in Mpls MN with Captivating Beauty

I love our Minneapolis bridal team that travels on site. Our wedding hair artist is amazing and is super fast to boot. Carly was amazed at how fast she was……I told her I wish we could clone her:)

There’s something about Romantic updos that just can’t be beat:) So stunningly beautiful!


How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Morning

  • Make sure you carve out enough time to get ready…Your hair and makeup artists are experts in scheduling the right amount of time…flexibility is key!! Please trust us in this.  
  • I can’t stress this enough.  Over scheduling causes way more stress than what it’s worth.  All we need is someone in our chair at all times. Period  🙂   
  • Make sure everyone’s hair is dry, face clean, which means all the mascara, eyeliner from the night before is removed.
  • Please DON’T change locations while getting ready for your big day. It always takes more time than a person thinks to move all the hair & makeup products from one location to another…..even if it’s in another hotel room:)
  • Have your Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist come on site. 99.9% of all our wedding services are On Location. This saves everybody time, stress, driving, parking and makes for an all around peaceful day for everyone.
  • Make sure you delegate others to help you…this is your day to relax and be pampered…plus everyone loves to help.
  • Please make sure the makeup artist has a stool & a high table for all her wedding makeup. Hair artists need a chair and table for all their goodies, a mirror and a source of electricity for both. A room with natural lighting would be best to work in if at all possible.
  • Please wash your hair the night before unless your hair artist tells you otherwise. If your hair is oily, greasy or stringy please wash your hair the day of the wedding.  🙂
  • Please trust the professionals they have years of experience and are looking out for you the bride’s best interest.
  • We have been to all the local wedding venues which brings the bride from out-of-town peace of mind since everything is familiar to us.


Tim Larsen Photography

Captivating Beauty – Bridal Hair & Makeup

Reserve Your Wedding Date Quickly!

brainerd airbrush makeup for brides

We thought we should talk through the process of reserving your wedding date. First off we are so thankful to all the brides who contact us and for those that book. We have such a busy season ahead of us and couldn’t be more excited. We have already surpassed our bookings from last year. Yay!!!

We thought we should let all our potential brides know that even though they check with us and we’ve visited in length about locations, times, how many for hair and make up etc……we can not reserve your wedding date unless there is a deposit. We wish it could be different, but we really never know for sure if a bride is going to book unless they send their deposit. ( If someone says they are sending their deposit we honor that and book them, but the check needs to arrive within a week)

Some brides have waited months after our initial contact and then wanted to book but sorry to say it was too late as we were already booked solid for the day. If you are desiring to book with us please send your deposit and we can figure out all the details later….

Thank you for your understanding. We try to accommodate everyone and are very flexible. We absolutely love what we do which is to make our brides feel and look beautiful for their wedding day!

Our Captivating Beauty team is growing by leaps and bounds. We have teams in Mpls, St. Cloud, Little Falls, Duluth and the Brainerd Lakes Area. Plus we travel to other areas also.

We’ve made it very convenient to book with us. The brides can pay by paypal here, or mail a check.

btw….this is from our bridal shoot that we did a couple of weeks ago. We will be posting more soon..

Captivating-Beauty – Wedding Day Hair & Airbrush Makeup

Photographer – Sam Best Glumac