Makeup and Hair Artist for Craguns Resort

I love working with local artists for weddings in the Brainerd Lakes. Chelsie Elizabeth Photography is always a dream to work with …her photos speak for themselves:)

Petals and Beans is such a fabulous florist…these are gorgeous!!

We also rented some of our wedding decor and hung tent lights for this wedding…I don’t have pictures:)

Bridal Hair Pieces in Brainerd MN


We had so much fun collaborating with Xperience Photography.  We can say Instagram connected us:) She saw some of our bridal hair pieces pass through her feed and asked if we would collaborate with her for her photoshoot in Mexico.

What a getaway she had….I have to say I’m a little bit envious:

Remember we also create custom bridal hair pieces to order…..




Airbrush Makeup for Brides in Brainerd

Airbrush Makeup is the number one choice for brides. We’ve had a number of brides whose first experience with airbrush makeup was in our chair:) They were amazed at how light it felt. I think they were expecting it to feel really heavy instead they were pleasantly surprised. Airbrush makeup is also buildable. If the bride desires a little more coverage without looking cakey this can be done with airbrush makeup. That’s the sweet thing about airbrush makeup, it can give sheer to full coverage. It’s up to the bride and of course we will give our humble opinion:) We would be doing a disservice if we didn’t:)

After years of providing makeup for brides and seeing their photos, we know what photographs well and what doesn’t…Ultimately it is up to the bride, but as I said..we’ve learned a lot throughout the years and have seen numerous photos that prove that is correct. We spoke with a local wedding photographer and this is what she had to say..”there is a marked difference between airbrush and traditional makeup and how it transposes in wedding photos.” From her stand point…airbrush makeup is the only way to go for brides…and if she could make the choice for all her brides…airbrush makeup would be it:)


Tim Larsen Photography with Captivating Beauty

beautiful bridal makeup in brainerd mn

We have to say this MN Bride was stunning…it was such a privilege for our team to head on out to her families cabin in the Brainerd Lakes and get her and most of her bridesmaids ready for her wedding day. It was such a sweet thing to see all the family working together to make her day as special as can be….

wedding makeup for bridesmaids in brainerd mn

We’ve worked with Tim Larsen, an area wedding photographer, on quite a few weddings in the Brainerd Lakes Area this summer and we’ve had quite the beautiful brides to work with..Ali was beautiful inside and out…Honestly her whole wedding party and family we amazing…

minnesota Brides Wedding Photographer Tim Larsen

I love this shot…

brainerd on site wedding hair and makeup

The promise of a rainbow on your wedding….

on site wedding hair and makeup for mn brides

Wedding Photographer: Tim Larsen Photography

On Site Wedding Hair and Airbrush Makeup: Captivating Beauty

Wedding Flowers: Bloom Designs

Airbrush Wedding Makeup at Pine Peaks Event Center

brainerd airbrush makeup for wedding

Such a beautiful wedding venue…Pine Peaks Events Center…We’ve been privileged to be out there many times to help brides and the wedding party with wedding day hair and airbrush makeup…and love every minute of it…I wish we had more professional pictures of the bride, but we don’t.. We are loving the 2 wedding photos we have from Tim Larson Photography though…

wedding airbrush makeup in brainerd mn and captivating beauty

Doesn’t it look like they’re having fun. This area is amazing..along with the fireplace in the background…we also love the relaxed atmosphere as do all the brides the choose to have their wedding at Pine Peaks

bridal makeup at pine peaks event center

summer wedding makeup in brainerd mn

airbrush makeup in brainerd mn at pine peaks