June Facial Special in Brainerd MN

skin script berry facial in brainerd mn

For all you Brainerd brides and ladies alike – this facial smells absolutely divine. Of course I had to try this out on myself first and all I can say is my skin felt and looked amazing. This time of year skin can still be a little dehydrated, but not after this little treat of nourishing goodness.

This delicious, antioxidant-rich Limited Edition is only available for a short time.

We are Beyond EXCITED to offer the Skin Script Summer Berry facial. Treat your skin to an amazing hydrating antioxidant packed hour of love’in!! Our Summer Berry Facial features the antioxidant support of raspberries and marble berries for healthy, hydrated and radiant skin!

This 60 min facial is suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated, acneic, and aging. Inquire for booking!

Marble berries and raspberries come together this summer is a unique anti-aging, antioxidant nourishing facial.  Antioxidants feed our skin cells to create glowing, radiant skin. The unique purple cream has natural botanicals of olives and black rice bran which is sure to leave skin feeling and looking refreshed and healthy.
Call or Text 218.831.5372 to book your appt…..this smells and feels heavenly
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Time to Switch up Your Skincare!

Spring Skincare Tips

What is your current skin care routine? Is it working? Is your skin improving? How’s the acne? If you’re not seeing improvement with your current skin care routine now is the perfect time to switch it up. Let’s go through each step to see if  you have what you need to change your skin. Remember we offer free skincare consultations


Since it’s spring and humid weather is on the horizon for most of us, now would be the time to switch out the creamy cleanser for a gel cleanser.


Toners can be like a drink of fresh water to the skin: soothing, refreshing or brightening and bring your skin into the proper balance.


Refine, tone, correct, protect, strengthen, nourish, and feed the skin. Serums are packed with concentrated power. Don’t be without serums!


Moisturize. soften wrinkles, protect and nourish


Vital for younger looking skin, keeps hyperpigmentation at bay, it can also be healing and soothing to the skin.

If your skin care products haven’t been working for you it may be time to give them away. We have a program where we give our skincare or makeup products to our local family shelter. If you’re interested in finding out more please contact me and I’ll send you the info.

Make your day Beautiful!


Captivating-Beauty in Brainerd MN is booking up quickly for 2016!!

Wedding Day Makeup in Brainerd MN with Captivating BeautyWe thought we should update you a little bit. We are ecstatic to share that we are booking up already for next year. On some dates we are triple booked YAY!! WE so love what we do!!

After being in the wedding beauty business in the Brainerd Lakes Area for the past 4 years our name is getting out so please don’t hesitate if you are thinking of booking. We’ve been crazy busy and brides are already booking through December of next year. We have some planners out there just so you know:)

Thankfully we have a number of bridal teams that travel and are experts in wedding day hair and airbrush makeup so we can service all our brides!

Remember we offer hair, airbrush makeup and spray tanning for Engagement, Boudoir, Print, Wedding & Senior Photos. Honestly we have the best time!!

Check out our services here

Abbey's Wedding at Pine Peaks Event Center




Amazing Facial Treatment Results!!

vp peptides pictures

Ladies I’m so excited – my new skincare device is arriving this week….these are pretty amazing results…….she looks about 15 years younger….

This is after 7 weeks of treatments and professional homecare…

We really can reverse damage…..

(pictures courtesy from another esthetician)


Make your day BEAUTIFUL!



Happily serving the Brainerd Lakes region!




How to Brighten Up a Dull Looking Complexion

   pretty lady in pink

As brides know one of the fastest ways to freshen and brighten up any complexion is to apply a beautiful shade of pink on the apples of the cheeks.

I usually apply my normal blush which is the Priia Vacation in a Jar then I apply the Priia Poppy on the apples of my cheeks.  This brings a pretty, vibrant flush to my cheeks and makes me look a little more alive especially during the dry, winter months .

If you have been using the same blush color every day for years, step into the new year by trying something new, something to bring a pretty, brightening, refreshing look to your skin.

Who doesn’t desire to look instantly refreshed.

Make Your Day Beautiful