Tips for Preventing and Treating Age Spots!

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Who used to be a sun-worshiper back in the day? I’m sure there are many of you who were and sad to say I was one, too.

Thankfully there are treatments and skin care products  that can help reverse the signs of aging and sun-damage from years of being a sun-worshiper.

Again SUN is the number one culprit for premature aging,  for wrinkles, and for age spots.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but SUNSCREEN is vital for beautiful, younger looking skin. The fact of the matter is people are not applying enough to keep sun damage at bay. You must apply sunscreen liberally to protect your skin. It’s not really even about the SPF number as it is about how often and how generous you use your ticket to younger looking skin.

Honestly I have seen enough ladies, as we all have, who have not used sunscreen and regret it when they get older. It is so much better and smarter to take care of your skin when you are younger. I can’t stress that enough. Start young and you will be so thankful when you get older.

UV rays damage our skin and cause sun spots and much more damage, but it’s not just the UV rays it’s also the heat from the sun. The heat stimulates melanin which can cause age spots. Try to keep your skin cool. Try keeping some of your products in the fridge such as toner, masks and moisturizers.

Using exfoliating products are key to managing hyper-pigmentation. We know the power of exfoliates and how these exfoliates break apart dead skin cells.  Just make sure you use gentle exfoliates during the summer months.

Skin Lighteners are a must if you have sun spots. They help fade and also help prevent further damage. Vitamin C is also necessary as it’s proven to be a skin lightener and brightener.

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