Top 5 Must Have Honeymoon Beauty Products

How to pack for your honeymoonIt is tempting to bring along your entire make-up bag on your honeymoon. No-one wants frizzy hair or pale, blotchy skin on their honeymoon! Regardless of where you’re going there are some must have beauty essentials that all new brides should stash in their carry-on. So whether you’re backpacking through Europe or lounging on tropical beaches, it only takes a few go-to beauty products to keep you looking glam for your honeymoon vacation.

what personal items should brides pack for their honeymoonSunblock

This one may seem like the most obvious beauty product to bring on vacation, or anywhere really but even if you’re not traveling to a tropical location sunscreen is an absolute must. Protecting your skin from the harmful UVA/UB rays is the foundation for fabulous, glowing and healthy skin. No matter how far you go bringing sunblock is a honeymoon beauty product necessity.  

B24FAG Woman with eye cream

Eye cream

Do you ever notice how celebrities are always sporting sunglasses inside the airport? It’s possible they just forgot their soothing eye cream! Long flights lead to puffy, tired eyes and can leave your complexion looking sullen or dull. Splurging on a travel size eye cream to bring along on your honeymoon travels can bring your bright, bushy eye self back to life. 

BB Cream

Beauty Balms are one of the most amazing beauty inventions ever! BB creams combine the benefits of SPF, moisturizer, foundation, serums and primer-all in one easy step. It’s no wonder BB creams have become a beauty staple; they are a new brides’ new best friend.  

Lip Service

In a perfect world, no one would have to suffer from chapped or dry lips. Even more appealing would be having one lipstick that would go with everything. Enter the lip palette. A small, easy to stash beauty product that brings with it a range of colors and textures to choose from. Finding a lip palette that also has a neutral lip gloss will keep your lips moisturized on a long plane ride and bold red lips are the perfect way to accessorize for a night out as newlyweds.

the best dry shampooDry Shampoo

(This is one of my personal favorites)

For those who live and die by their blow-outs, dry shampoo is no stranger to your beauty routine. Dry shampoo becomes an even more essential beauty must-have on your honeymoon because, chances are, you won’t have time to fuss and style your hair. You’ll be much too busy soaking up the sun (or hiking hills) to worry about your hair. Keeping a travel size bottle of dry shampoo in your bag is the perfect way to have vacation worthy hair.

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