Why Do I Need Acne Treatments?

If you live close enough to come to the Clinic, you should come in for an Acne Treatment every two weeks. Using professional-strength exfoliants that need to be applied by a professional, we treat your skin to facilitate your process of clearing. The reason for treatments are six-fold:


  1. To allow us to monitor your progress and make changes to your home-care as needed.
  2. To exfoliate the skin so that home-care products can penetrate the pore more easily.
  3. To lighten dark spots (if you have them) that are caused by acne lesions.
  4. To hydrate the skin so that the skin is receptive to your home-care regimen. (Your home-care can dry out the skin somewhat as you are getting used to them.)
  5. To extract existing acne impactions.
  6. For killing acne bacteria inside the pore.

Professional Acne Treatments done by our Acne Specialists will help you to get rid of acne and clear your skin more quickly than with just products alone. We also want to closely monitor your skin making sure that we are “pushing’ your skin to clear but not so much that your skin gets irritated. We are your partners in this process, working together so you can have clear skin as quickly as possible.

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