Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

 tracy makeupHow should brides get their skin ready for their wedding day make-up?

I wholeheartedly believe in pro-active skin care…especially when a bride is preparing for the most important day of her life! It is an area I love and specialize in. Since every client is unique, I begin assessment at a one on one pre-consultation. During this meeting we discuss areas of concern and formulate a personalized routine with trusted products matched to each clients beauty needs. Naturally, washing the face twice a day, exfoliating, and moisturizing is a good place to start. At the studio I have routine facial treatments that can and should start months prior to the wedding to get their skin perfect and healthy for the wedding day. I can not state enough the importance of this vital step. Remember your skin is the canvas for beautiful makeup. If you have skincare concerns I would consult with an esthetician first. They can help improve the condition of your skin with recommended facial products and give you advice on skin care.

How should I come to the trial run and wedding day?

Wear a white or ivory shirt depending on the color of your wedding dress. I recommend coming with a clean face free from any other products including moisturizer.  If that is not possible we will have you cleanse your skin before we start the process.  Also Hydration is key for beautiful skin so drink lots of water before the trial run and before the wedding.

How do you help brides choose the right make-up for their wedding day?

I love inspirational pictures and pinterest is perfect. I ask brides to send pictures of themselves and their inspirational pictures before the trial run. . I always have a pretrial to insure product choice with my brides. Trial runs are where all the details are worked out and if anything needs to be changed then we have a chance to do so. My brides leave a trial run feeling 100% confident in our work and products used.

What products do you use?

My kit is built around HD professional makeup and products that I have personally used and loved. My products are based on ones that are long lasting and work beautifully..

Why hire a Professional makeup artist?

This is your wedding day and one of the biggest days of your life and you want to look and feel your best.  It is also the day you will be looked at & adored the most. On the morning of the wedding it is great to sit back be pampered & not have to lift a finger. You & your bridal party will also be photographed non-stop the entire day.

captivating beauty applying makeupWill you travel and is there a fee?

We travel a ton! We do start a fee after 30 miles from the  studio of .57 cents per mile.

What is the price range of your services?


Do you use airbrush?

Yes, It is my first makeup of choice for the brides…….and their first choice…their face is quite flawless… This will also be determined by the makeup artist during the trial. I have spent a lot of time mastering the products used to ensure it lasts hour and hours!

What are other services offered by Captivating-Beauty?

We do facial treatments, hair extensions, vitamin infusions, skincare, eyelash extensions, corrective skincare products, hair colors, facials, brow & eyelash tinting, and 100% acne safe makeup, spray tanning

How important is it to have your makeup artist state licensed?

It’s really important that you ask your makeup artist if they have a state license. Licensed Estheticians are trained in the safety and sanitation of all products that are going to be used on you. When Estheticians are licensed they are trained to uphold a superior standard that you won’t get with a non licensed artist.  The last thing you want to do the day after your wedding is having to go to a doctor.  If you are going to pay for a service, you deserve the best.


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