Why Toner?


If you use a toner that contains Denatured Alcohol or SD Alcohol 40 as a main ingredient you might want to get rid of it. Toners that have any one of these will strip your skin of water, cause dead cell buildup and dull looking skin.

Even if you have oily skin using this type of toner will create more breakouts and more oil production creating a vicious cycle.

Think of a dry parched desert without any water. Can you picture it?

This is what is happening to your skin. Nothing can penetrate. Nothing can Breathe!

It’s trapping everything underneath causing major inflammation and breakouts and all around dull dead looking skin.

Using a toner is very important as it removes minerals and chlorine found in tap water,  helps products penetrate and balances  the PH in the skin.

Leaving the toner damp on your skin before applying your serums or moisturizer will help lock in all the benefits that the toner has to offer.

Personally I only use 2 toners and don’t plan on adding anymore into my regime. Nature’s Genesis Tonique and Skin Scripts Cucumber Hydration Toner are perfect for every skin type and any skin care issue.


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