Are your Eyebrows Sparse?



brained lakes beautiful browsWe’ve all seen some pretty crazy brows..haven’t we? Either pencil thin, too high, too low, weird shaped, you name it we’ve seen it:) I wanted to post some pictures, but that would be mean, so we will have to use our imaginations for the bad brows:)

sophia loren brows

Sophia Loren she was and is quite the beautiful lady. Loving her brows.

My little pet peeve are pencil thin brows which always seem to age a person. If you desire to look little bit younger grow out those brows of yours – it really does make a difference.  If you are young please don’t over tweeze – one day you will regret it.

Anyone with a hypo-thyroid knows that the last 1/3 of their brows are pretty much non-existent – I’m speaking from experience and for a lady who loves thick brows that was a little tough. Thankfully I’ve found an amazing eyebrow serum that works. I use the same product for my eyelashes and I get compliments all the time of how amazing my eyelashes look.

marlyn monore brows

Marilyn Monroe was and still is an Icon! Right now we are focusing on her brows. They are nice and full plus filled in. If you’ve never filled in your brows give it a try and see what you think, or better yet ask someone else. We are so used to a certain way of doing things that we sometimes can’t even see what looks good.

So if you have thinning eyebrows, or have a few little gaps try this serum and fill in your brows with a brow gel.



Credits: listotic,nhu-imagen, lolobu,wookmark

How To Prep for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup!

wedding day hair and makeup prepHow To Prep for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup are one of the main questions we commonly hear from brides in the Brainerd Lakes area?

To be well prepared we ask that you come with a button up white shirt and day old hair if possible.

wedding day hair and makeup prepIf you need to wash the day of that’s alright just put some mousse or gel in your beautiful locks after you wash to give your hair a little extra holding power. Then make sure you dry your hair completely as this is key in weatherproofing your hair.

wedding day hair and makeup prepFor your skin – wash and cleanse with the recommended products leading up to the big day for that glow we all long for. The day of the wedding cleanse your skin only and do it well.

wedding day hair and makeup prepMake sure all of your makeup is removed thoroughly and do not use any products at all on your skin. Our experts will apply what they need to help your look last all day and well into the night.

Make sure your bridesmaids follow the same guidlines

captivating-beauty brideHere is our beautiful bride…We will be posting more pictures later so stay tuned..


Photography: Forever Yours Wedding Photography

Venue: Pine Peaks Retreat & Event Center

Wedding Day Hair & Airbrush Makeup: Captivating-Beauty

Boudoir Photography in Brainerd MN

boudoir wedding photos

Yes, Captivating Beauty does do more then just wedding day hair and makeup….we help prep the brides for Boudoir photos in the Brainerd Lakes Region!

This bride wanted to surprise her husband-to-be with a few Boudoir photos on their wedding day. We can dare say he was not disappointed…

jordyn boudoirThis young bride-to-be planned it out so perfectly by having her wedding day hair and makeup trial run with the team of Captivating-Beauty from Brainerd MN  and immediately following had her Boudoir photos.

jordyn boudoir 2She was so happy with her pictures….

jordyn boudoir 1

This bride desired a very natural look, but just a little more enhanced.. we did exactly what she desired..

Here is her review of Captivating-Beauty on weddingwire:

“These two lovely ladies are so fun and very good at what they do. I felt confident in the result and they welcomed my critiques to help create exactly what I wanted. It was such a fun experience and I felt very comfortable with them.” 

We have preferred photographers we can recommend…all you need to do is ask…we are here to help.


Captivating- Beauty – Brainerd Lakes leading airbrush makeup and wedding updo experts.

Tracy & Jenn – Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist

Help for Dry Frizzy Hair!!

frizzy hair

Suffering from dry frizzy hair?!

Fret not! Here are some simple solutions to help you combat the elements.

1) Get in with your stylist for a trim. Sometimes just eliminating the split ends can make a world of difference.

2) Have a deep conditioning treatment where you can have a treatment formulated for your hair type and sit under a hooded dryer for maximum results. The heat helps drive the conditioner deep into your hair shaft and that’s where the magic takes place. Otherwise most of it rinses off and down the drain.

3) Make sure to properly care for your tresses by ALWAYS using a thermal heat protecting product if you blow dry or use irons. Hair melts at 460° and most irons available to the public reach temps of 450°.
Scary huh?!

4) See #3…. Make sure your iron is set to an appropriate temp for your hair. If it is processed or you have fine hair you shouldn’t have your irons set above 325° for daily use.

5) Use a professional oil based serum on your hair daily to bring out the shine, repair hair and add some protection.

6) Come in for a color gloss. This is a clear ‘color’ that protects the hair from environmental damage, adds tremendous shine and even extends the life of your color while enhancing it! Win, win and win!!

healthy hair
Make your day BEAUTIFUL!