Captivating Beauty with Tom Thornton Photography in Pierz MN

captivating beauty with Tom Thorton Photography

What a fun, happy wedding party, wouldn’t you agree? The weather was absolutely perfect for a traditional wedding held in Pierz MN. Jayaye and her bridal party were primped with airbrush makeup and wedding hair at her family’s farm. We have quite a few brides getting married on their families property this summer..makes it a little extra special.

In all honesty we never heard of Tom Thorton Photography before this wedding, but are so glad to have heard of him now. We are loving his photos…more to follow soon

All we can say is they look so happy…..and we were honored to be a part of it.

captivating beauty wedding hair and airbrush makeup in pierz mn

captivating beauty summer wedding in pierz mn

Captivating Beauty Photoshoot with Sam Glumac Photography

wedding day hair and airbrush makeup in brainerd mn

We had to show you some more pictures from our recent wedding photoshoot in Brainerd MN. Lovely Endeavors helped style this shoot and created these yummy looking cupcakes, cakes and decorations.

Sam from Samantha Glumac Photography captured all the beautiful details and colors in our vintage wedding shoot and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much Sam for all your hard work. We absolutely them

You might have seen these 2 models before they are my handsome son and beautiful daughter-in-love. They are always more then willing to get in front of the camera and we so appreciate it since the photograph so well:)

We had such a fun time getting her ready for this bridal shoot. She has such beautiful long hair and perfect skin which makes for an easy palate for airbrush makeup.


wedding photoshoot in brainerd mn with captivating beauty

naked wedding cakes with flowers in brainerd mn

styled wedding shoot with captivating beauty

bridal vintage photoshoot in brainerd mn

vintage wedding photoshoot with captivating beauty in brainerd mn

wedding styled photoshoot in brainerd mn in captivating beauty

wedding day hair and airbrush makeup in brainerd mn

wedding hair and updos in brainerd mn

vintage bridal makeup and hair in brainerd mn

airbrush makeup and wedding day hair in brainerd mn

winter bridal photoshoot in brainerd MN

on site wedding day hair and makeup in brainerd mn

Bridal & Wedding Party Packages include False Eyelashes

beautiful bride at grandview lodge in nisswa mn with captivating beautyDid you know that false eyelashes are included free of charge in all of our bridal and bridesmaid packages. One of the most important reasons for wearing false eyelashes on your wedding day is to provide your eyes with a little more drama and to help them stand out even better in your wedding photos.

Most of our brides go for the natural look, but just a little more enhanced. We have a few types to choose from. Personally we like using lashes that have a criss cross effect it gives a more natural, but thicker looking lash. Every makeup artist has their own particular favorites…this writer likes the criss cross:) 

Yet our top choice for all brides and of course for all her bridal party are Eyelash Extensions. You really can’t beat how they look in pictures – How easy they are to care for and….you will wake up on your honeymoon looking beautiful.

The other great news is they are only $75 for a full set..and she is amazing at what she does:)

For more information please call or text 218.831.5372

Wedding Tips From Captivating Beauty

Captivating Beauty Wedding hair and airbrush makeup in brainerd mnCaptivating Beauty has been in the wedding business for a relatively short time – about 4 years. Yet, we have learned many things and have loved every minute of our adventures. We get to meet so many lovely wedding brides, see so many lovely venues and so enjoy the many fun times with each member of our team. Since we have been in the business for a number of years we thought we should pass on some of the tricks of the trade. 

Captivating Beauty at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN Bridal Hair and Wedding MakeupTry & Pose Naturally For Your Wedding Photos

All of us know this can be a little hard to do and especially if you are one of those brides that hate to be the center of attention. Trust me we’ve had quite a few of brides who were dreading being the center of attention for their big day. So here are a few things that might help you:

Try and relax, stand up straight yet not stiff looking lol…try not to slouch. Any good photographer should tell you how to angle your body, lift your neck or tilt your head for a certain look. We’ve had the privilege of working with a fantastic photographer Samantha Glumec. She will tell you exactly how to move, how to tilt your head etc and even though it feels odd…the pictures turn out fabulous. Personally that would be the type of wedding photographer I’d be looking for.  One of the best things you can do is practice in front of a mirror. Practice until you feel confident, comfortable and look and feel natural.   

Airbrush Makeup at Grandview in Brainerd MNHave a Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial Run Before Your Big Day

As a makeup artist we encourage all of our brides to have trial runs, yet we understand this doesn’t always work for every bride. In fact we just had one this past weekend who opted out of the trial run because of her schedule…and I tell you she was an absolutely stunning bride.  We believe in this so much and is half the reason why we started Captivating Beauty.  In our humble opinion investing in a good makeup artist with years of experience is well worth the cost and expense. If you wanted to shave off some expenses…I would do it elsewhere……just saying:)

captivating beauty wedding makeup in brainerd mnMake Sure Your Wedding Photographer Fits Your Style.

There are a lot of wonderful wedding photographers around the Brainerd Lakes. One suggestion would be to check out their style. Do you want a wedding photographer who is a little whimsical, dark, traditional…Ask for a link to their portfolio and make sure you are a good match. We can’t state this enough…make sure you love your wedding photographers style. Communicate well with your expectations …never make assumptions…over communicate if you have to so you are all on the same page.   

Captivating Beauty Engagment Photos with Kelli Engstrom PhotographyHave Your Engagement Shoot Right After Your Trial Run

We’ve had a few brides who did this and were so glad they did. It’s the perfect set up and the perfect time to see how your makeup and hair projects on camera and also to check out your wedding photographer’s skills. Normally these shoots are less formal than wedding day photos. An engagement photo session is also the perfect time to for you to practice all your poses and  smiles you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror:)  


Captivating Beauty Update for 2016 Wedding Season

maddens resort with captivating beauty summer weddingWe thought we should give you an update for our 2016 Wedding Season. Currently we have about 38 weddings booked for the year and are waiting for a few more to confirm. At this rate we are going to more then double our bookings from last year. Our wedding teams are headed to Mpls, Duluth, Mcgregor, Hillman, Crosslake, Nisswa, Brainerd, Deerwood, Merrifield and many more places and this is only the beginning of the season.

captivating beauty in brainerd mn massage, licensed esthetician, eyelash extensions, weddiing hair and makeupOur team is pretty excited. Speaking of our team, we have about 10 team members who travel for wedding day hair and airbrush makeup, traditional makeup, on site massages, lash extensions, clip in extensions,  wedding nail polish for the bride and her bridal party. (yes, we need to update our picture this spring since we are missing 1/2 our team in this picture)

As you can see we are filling up quickly and its only the beginning of April…If you have any questions or would like to book with us please call/text 218.831.5372 or contact us here or here

We thought brides would love to get an update of our 2016 Wedding Season.



Photography: Sam Glumac Photography

Eyenoticed –  Abby & Adam photo