Captivating Beauty-Beauty Timeline for Beautiful Brides

bridal skincare treatments in Brainerd MNFinding the time to make your beauty routine into a bride-to-be beauty routine is one of the most important aspects of preparing for the big day. Often our beauty routines become something that is done on the go or in between dealing with the essentials in life but when your wedding day is on the horizon planning in advance for regular beauty maintenance can save you time and keep you looking fresh and flawless on your wedding day.

6 Months Before the Big Day

Instill a Skincare Routine

Whether you are a skincare fanatic or a newbie to the skincare routine, with 6 months to go before your wedding day, you will have plenty of time to instill a new skincare beauty routine. This will give you time to meet with an Esthetician to help clear up any skincare issues and find the right products that work for you. If you’re unsure about what products will work for you stock up on samples and start small.

Hire a Glam Squad

Every girl wishes she could have her very own glam squad, especially on bad hair days! Better yet, having your make-up and hair done by a professional in a comfortable setting with all your besties by your side can calm your nerves and provide you with some much needed glam support! Splurging and securing professional help with beauty and style needs can help you feel like a celebrity, even if it is just for one day.

3 Months Before the Big Day

Make a Date to Plan Ahead

Seriously, there is nothing bridezilla about scheduling your major beauty appointments months in advance. There is nothing worse than not being able to get in at your favorite salons, especially when you’re getting married and you NEED a mani-pedi.

Book a Series of Facials

If you’re not a regular consumer of facials you may want to give them a chance when preparing for your big day. Scheduling facials at least 3 months in advance can allow your skin to adjust to the new regime and ensure you’re beautiful, glowing and flawless on your wedding day.

2 Months Before the Big Day

It Just Makes Scents

Picking your wedding day perfume may not sound like your typical beauty checklist need but it is important to keep in mind that everyone will want to congratulate you, and finding a pleasing and occasion worthy scent that blends with your style is essential. Also, giving new scents a test run well in advance can ensure you don’t find yourself wishing you had gone with something else for your big day.

captivating beauty bridal makeup1 Month Before the Big Day

Make-up Test Drive

Meeting with your professional make-up artist at least a month in advance can keep your frazzled nerves in check when it comes to wedding day make-up. Make sure to bring along anything you plan on wearing the day of, such as your veil, tiara and earrings. Also, wear a white or pale colored top to ensure your make-up is perfect.

Captivating Beauty’s On Site Wedding Day Hair & Airbrush Makeup Team

Captivating Beauty in Brainerd MN Bridal TeamWe Just had a photoshoot done with some of our lovely ladies from Captivating Beauty and thought you would like to meet the team.

Also we are excited to announce we have expanded to St. Cloud & Mpls MN and have some fabulous wedding makeup and updo experts….Honestly we are booking up so quickly already…it’s been so much fun…..

We also have more team members that couldn’t make it to the photoshoot…we were so bummed:( but we will be having another photoshoot this spring and hopefully everyone can make it then..

We have also added an On Site Massage Therapist who has years of experience under her belt. We have been a part of a lot of wedding and especially during the winter months the guys don’t have a lot to do before the wedding and can get a little antsy during the waiting process. We though this would be the perfect addition…

We also offer Massages in our treatment room…

captivating beauty in brainerd mn massage, licensed esthetician, eyelash extensions, weddiing hair and makeup

Just having a little fun:) Love these ladies!!


Happy Thanksgiving – Exciting News

Captivating-Beauty Happy ThanksgivingI just wanted to write a quick little update for you all! We have some exciting news coming up next week…so please check back in..

Also winter has finally arrived and with that drier air which equals drier skin…here is one simple free thing you can do that will help tremendously ….use a crock-pot. I have a crock-pot right on my night side and that baby is on 24/7. We’ve had some people laugh when they see all the crock-pots in our bedrooms, but I tell you what it makes such a huge difference in our skin. You could even add some EO’s if you’re so inclined.

For all you brides who have been thinking of booking with us… please do so… we have been crazy busy booking appointments for next year already, so please don’t hesitate if you plan on booking with Captivating-Beauty! We already have some dates double-booked and some even tripled-booked..thankfully we have quite the team of wedding day hair and airbrush makeup experts..where we have been able to service all our brides thus far:)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving….and thank you for being a part of Captivating-Beauty




Pine Peaks Wedding with Captivating-Beauty!

Brainerd Lakes Wedding Makeup

Captivating-Beauty loves the salon that Pine Peaks Event Center  built for all the brides for their wedding day. It makes our job a lot easier and is so convenient for everybody. The brides can’t say enough wonderful things about this addition!

Captivating-Beauty at Pine Peaks Event Center

Airbrush makeup works fantastic for covering up any spots….Airbrush makeup is the only way to go for brides!

Brainerd Lakes Airbrush Makeup

She was one beautiful bride…it was an absolutely perfect day for a summer wedding!

Brainerd Lakes Airbrush Makeup

Braiinerd Lakes Wedding Day Hair & Airbrush Makeup

Brainerd Lakes Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

Wedding at Pine Peaks Event Center

Brainerd Lakes Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

This is what the Bride said:  It was an incredible day and I felt so confident and beautiful thanks to Captivating-Beauty – Thanks for making my day amazing!”

Venue: Pine Peaks Event Center

Photography: Julie Heck Photography

Wedding Hair & Makeup: Captivating-Beauty

Brainerd Lakes Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Video

We had such a fun time with this On Location Wedding…in the heart of the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Saying your “I Do’s” in your childhood home surrounded by family & friends…..honestly, it was so perfect!

We thought you’d enjoy seeing how Captivating-Beauty works.

Our Bridal Teams travel to your wedding location:home, resort, venue and prepare the bride, bridal team, mother of the bride, mother in law & grandmas for the big event.

The atmosphere is so relaxed, comfortable and stress free. What better way is there then to start your wedding day with our team coming to you…getting pampered & you don’t even have to leave your venue …

Brides love us!

Enjoy the wedding video!



Captivating-Beauty  – Brainerd Lakes leading airbrush makeup and wedding updo experts.

Tracy & Jenn – Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist

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