Captivating-Beauty at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN

Grandview Lodge Fall Wedding with Captivating-Beauty

Oolala… these pictures from Eyenoticed Located in Fargo, ND.  Honestly, you couldn’t have asked for a nicer photographer. She is not only super helpful, but takes amazing photos. Love her imagery.

As you can see Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN is breathtaking in the Fall of the year, which is why so many brides choose this for their wedding venue.

Alysa booked with us…I believe close to a year out from her wedding that was held this October.

She chose a very natural, soft romantic look. This fit her style perfectly. We contoured her exquisite eyes and her cheeks just a little. Airbrush makeup was the perfect choice…it’s undetectable and beautiful in photographs.

Captivating-Beauty at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding at Grandview Lodge with Captivating-Beauty

Beautiful Bride at Grandview Lodge with Captivating-Beauty

Beautiful Bride with Captivating-Beauty at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN

Captivating Beauty at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa MN

Thank you for sharing these with us…..Our Bride looks breathtakingly beautiful!

Photography Eyenoticed Photography

Wedding Day Airbrush Makeup and Hair: Captivating-Beauty

Venue Grandview Lodge

Engagement Shoot with Captivating Beauty & Kelli Engstrom Photography

Captivating Beauty Engagment Photos with Kelli Engstrom Photography

We had so much fun with this Bride-to-Be. She met with our bridal team in Brainerd, MN in the morning for her trial run. Shelly also brought along some pictures of what she was thinking about for hair/makeup and decided upon a natural makeup look, and a braided, pinned up darling up-do. She loved it!

A lot of our brides are having their trial run done in the morning and following up with either engagement photos or boudoir. It works out so well for them as they are all camera ready. It’s the perfect time for a photoshoot.

Kelli Engstrom captured this couple on a beautiful Fall day in Cross Lake. MN. We love the turning of the leaves…actually we are still having our Indian Summer and we’re not hearing one complaint from anyone. We are loving the weather!!

Kelli Engstrom Photography with Captivating Beauty

Northern MN Wedding Photographer Kelli Enstrom

Captivating Beauty with Kelli Engstrom Photography

Engagment Photos in Crosslake MN

Captivating Beauty with Kelli Engstrom Photography in Cross Lake MN

Thank you Kelli for sharing these pictures…loving them. If any of you need a wedding, engagement, family, senior, baby photographer she is one of the best in Northern MN. Check her out!!

Photography – Kelli Engstrom Photography

Wedding Day Hair and Airbrush Makeup – Captivating-Beauty


Are your Eyebrows Sparse?



brained lakes beautiful browsWe’ve all seen some pretty crazy brows..haven’t we? Either pencil thin, too high, too low, weird shaped, you name it we’ve seen it:) I wanted to post some pictures, but that would be mean, so we will have to use our imaginations for the bad brows:)

sophia loren brows

Sophia Loren she was and is quite the beautiful lady. Loving her brows.

My little pet peeve are pencil thin brows which always seem to age a person. If you desire to look little bit younger grow out those brows of yours – it really does make a difference.  If you are young please don’t over tweeze – one day you will regret it.

Anyone with a hypo-thyroid knows that the last 1/3 of their brows are pretty much non-existent – I’m speaking from experience and for a lady who loves thick brows that was a little tough. Thankfully I’ve found an amazing eyebrow serum that works. I use the same product for my eyelashes and I get compliments all the time of how amazing my eyelashes look.

marlyn monore brows

Marilyn Monroe was and still is an Icon! Right now we are focusing on her brows. They are nice and full plus filled in. If you’ve never filled in your brows give it a try and see what you think, or better yet ask someone else. We are so used to a certain way of doing things that we sometimes can’t even see what looks good.

So if you have thinning eyebrows, or have a few little gaps try this serum and fill in your brows with a brow gel.



Credits: listotic,nhu-imagen, lolobu,wookmark

Captivating-Beauty Wedding with Timeless Moments

brainerd Lakes wedding day hair and makeupWhat an absolutely beautiful bride we had the privilege of working with at Grandview Lodge and with Timeless Moments Photography.

Her family flew all the way from Brazil for this joyous occasion in the Brainerd Lakes area. Those ladies were one really fun group.

Our team at Captivating-Beauty busted a gut quite a few times with these women and even tried to learn a little Portuguese, which didn’t pan out too well…lol….

The bride wanted a really natural, no makeup look……One of her sisters on the other hand wanted a dramatic look…and she pulled it off really well….Her other sister wanted a no-makeup, makeup….and all of them loved the results…

They loved their wedding day hair also…and when you see the pictures you will see they are all so completely different in style, hair and makeup…loved these gals…so much fun!

Here is her review:
I thought Jenny and Tracy did a wonderful job with hair and make-up for my wedding. They were on-time and did everything to make sure everyone looked wonderful for the wedding. I would highly recommend them.

brainerd lakes wedding hair and airbrush makeup

wedding day hair & airbrush makeup

Look at her Wedding Day Hair – Beautiful!!!

brainerd lakes wedding day hair & makeup

brainerd lakes wedding day hair and airbrush makeup

brainerd lakes wedding day hair & airbrush makeup

brainerd lakes wedding day hair & airbrush makeupPhotography  Timeless Moments Photography 

Brainerd Lakes leading airbrush makeup and wedding updo experts. Captivating-Beauty

Wedding Venue Grandview Lodge


Captivating-Beauty Photography Review!

brainerd lakes bridal teamCaptivating-Beauty were great to work with!! I was there as the couples wedding photographer, I got to meet them both. I was very impressed with their calm positive attitudes.

Tracy did beautiful air brush make up, being with the bride all day I watch for things that need to be touched up- her make up never did! Looked flawless all day long!

It makes my job easier as a photography when there is a good team making sure everyone looks their best!

They were professional, pleasant, and did a wonderful job! If you are looking for on location airbrush makeup and hair stylist I would highly recommend Captivating Beauty!

Hopefully I can work with them again in the future! -Megan Forever Yours Wedding Photography

airbrush makeup

brainerd lakes wedding hair and airbrush makeup

brainerd wedding day hair and airbrush makeup

Brainerd wedding day hair and airbrush makeup

brainerd wedding day hair and airbrush makeup

Thank you Megan from Forever Yours Wedding Photography for the wonderful review and more importantly for the amazing photos…you captured them so beautifully!!

Captivating-Beauty – Brainerd Lakes leading airbrush makeup and wedding updo experts.