How do you Exfoliate Naturally?

I recently was able to take an Advanced Skincare Course. I absolutely loved it. The woman who taught the class has been in the business for years and travels all over conducting training classes and teaching seminars.
One of her favorite ways to exfoliate is so simple and inexpensive, yet feels heavenly. I’ve never used an exfoliant that left my skin looking and feeling so soft.All you need is Oatmeal and Plain Yogurt. I used a Pulse Hand Mixer for the oatmeal to grind into a fine flour, not to gritty.

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Myths of Oily Skin

There are many myths surrounding oily skin. Stop moisturizing, only use oil-free products, always use a toner, carry around blotting papers—the list goes on! And while most imagine that they have oily skin, quite often it’s not actually the case.

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Make Up Tips for Mature Women

Here are a few makeup tips for the more mature women, which includes me:)

The eyes may not literally be the windows to your soul as the adage suggests, but they’re certainly the part of your face everyone notices first. The secret to age-defying eyes? Always start with an eye shadow primer or a mineral concealer to smooth out the eyelids. Then line the eyes with a dark brown pencil or gel liner to widen them. For the top of the lids use neutral eye shadows — dark brown or gray on the outer corners of the eye, taupe in the crease, and a light shade on the lid. The final touch is to curl the eyelashes and apply black mascara. The overall effect makes the eyes look bigger and brighter.

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