OCM Cleansing Method

In my humble opinion,the OCM method of cleansing your face is the absolute best.

It will work with any skin type and any skin condition.dry skin

Here are some facts of what the OCM Method can do for your skin!

  • Facial Cleansing Oil helps retain moisture in the skin
  • Keeps water from evaporating from the skin’s surface
  • It moisturizes and nourishes the skin’s surface and sub-dermis layers
  • Dry skin is banished
  • Beautiful deeply hydrated skin surfaces
  • You create a semi-occlusive barrier
  • Humectants hold and grab moisture from the air continuously
  • Re-hydrates the skin’s sub dermis layer to protect against dryness
  • Lubricate the surface of the skin making it soft and smooth

A healthy lipid barrier prevents dehydration by helping skin retain moisture. As we age we don’t produce the oil as we did when we were in our youth. This type of cleansing will help add and seal the moisture back into our skin. If you want younger looking skin this is one of the best ways to achieve that.

If you don’t like the OCM cleansing method then use another cleanser and apply oil right after you cleanse. I use oil at night on my face, neck and decollete at least 3-4x a week. I wouldn’t be caught without oil..

It does take some getting used to and might even take a month to purge your skin of blackheads and whiteheads etc…I guarantee you will see such a noticeable difference in your skin and your friends and spouse will too!

Make your day Beautiful!



Dehydrated Skin?

Hi Ladies,

It’s that time of year again where the weather, lack of moisture, and all the artifical heat is sucking the moisture right out of our skin.

I’ve compiled a few facts and some tricks to keep our face well hydrated during these dry winter months.

Our bodies are made of 55-60% water

When you feel thirsty you have already lost around 2-3% of your body water. Mental performance and physical coordination start to become impaired before thirst kicks in, typically around 1% dehydration.

If we don’t have enough water in our body, we starve our skin of moisture

While the surface layer/epidermis contains 30-40% moisture . Dehydrated skin has less than 10% moisture  

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