Myths of Oily Skin

There are many myths surrounding oily skin. Stop moisturizing, only use oil-free products, always use a toner, carry around blotting papers—the list goes on! And while most imagine that they have oily skin, quite often it’s not actually the case.

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Make Up Tips for Mature Women

Here are a few makeup tips for the more mature women, which includes me:)

The eyes may not literally be the windows to your soul as the adage suggests, but they’re certainly the part of your face everyone notices first. The secret to age-defying eyes? Always start with an eye shadow primer or a mineral concealer to smooth out the eyelids. Then line the eyes with a dark brown pencil or gel liner to widen them. For the top of the lids use neutral eye shadows — dark brown or gray on the outer corners of the eye, taupe in the crease, and a light shade on the lid. The final touch is to curl the eyelashes and apply black mascara. The overall effect makes the eyes look bigger and brighter.

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