How To Prep for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup!

How To Prep for Wedding Day Hair and Makeup are one of the main questions we commonly hear from brides in Minnesota.

To be well prepared we ask that you come with a button up white shirt and clean hair if possible.

If you need to wash the day of that’s alright just put some mousse or gel in your beautiful locks after you wash to give your hair a little extra holding power. Then make sure you dry your hair completely as this is key in weatherproofing your hair.

bridal hair and makeup artist for brides

For your skin – wash and cleanse with the recommended products leading up to the big day for that glow we all long for. The day of the wedding cleanse your skin only and do it well.

Make sure all of your makeup is removed thoroughly and do not use any products at all on your skin. Our experts will apply what they need to help your look last all day and well into the night.

Make sure your bridesmaids follow the same guidelines

Wedding Day Hair & Airbrush Makeup: Captivating-Beauty

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